Table of Contents for Studio One

Spring 1987 (rare copy)*

Editors: Catherine Geenen & Anthony Vigil

“Vibrio Cholerae” by Sandi Milburn, p. 6
“Polka Dot Dreams” by Jill S. Thompson, p. 8
“The Mahnomen Reservation” by David J. Feela, p. 12
“Subliminal” by David J. Feela, p. 13
“Restricted” by David J. Feela, p. 14
“O Truth, Where Are the Gentle Ones?” by Robert Gotcher, p. 17
“The Crystal God On High” by Robert Gotcher, p. 18
“Sleet Hunters” by Delbert Brobst, p. 26
“Licking a Stone” by Anita Tanner, p. 28
“Chemistry” by Seaborn Jones, p. 29
“When the Angels Called . . . ” by Michael Opitz, p. 30-31
“Colleagues” by Gary Blankenburg, p. 32
“crosses like years” by Real Faucher, p. 34
“Growing Up in Martha’s Vineyard” by B.Z. Niditch, p. 35
“Return to Dachau” by B.Z. Niditch, p. 36
“Death of a Unicorn” by Catherine Geenen, p. 38
“Wrim” by Edward Mycue, p. 40
“Afrikan Violets” by Kathryn Weiss, p. 42
“Cross Pollination” by Steve R. Gerth, p. 45
“Extra Inning” by Steve R. Gerth, p. 46
“the shaving poem” by Patrick McKinnon, p. 52-53
“Falling Away” by Bill Meissner, p. 54-55
“Living Away from the Edge” by Bill Meissner, p. 56
“night’s tender voice” by Anthony Vigil, p. 58
“The Flamenco, Cosmo Style” by Anthony Vigil, p. 59
“ExtroVersion ConVerted” by Anthony Vigil, p. 60
“Ego” by John J. Peterson, p. 62
“Wild and Hopeful” by Richard Carr, p. 66
“Fur” by Jennifer Nelson, p. 69
“Salt” by Jennifer Nelson, p. 70
“Journey Atop” by Diane Webster, p. 72
“Questions to be Asked by the Examining Physician” by Janet McCann, p. 75
“Fortune Cookies” by Janet McCann, p. 76

“Imagine” by Robert Gotcher, p. 19-20
“Madonna on Display” by Steve R. Gerth, p. 47-48

“Silver Screen Madonna” by Jim “Buffalo” Bratrud, p. 10
Untitled by Susan Kalthoff, p. 11
Untitled by David Mercer, p. 16
“No. 5 Chapel Convent of St. Benedict” by Don Loegering, p. 22
“No. 1 Convent of St. Benedict” by Don Loegering, p. 23
“No. 2 Abbey Church St. John’s Abbey” by Don Loegering, p, 24
“Thought” by Catherine Geenen, p. 39
“No. 8 White on Black III” by Don Loegering, p. 43
“No.6 White on Black I” by Don Loegering, p. 44
Untitled by Mark Boswell, p. 50
Untitled by Mark Boswell, p. 51
“Early Morning, Cape May” by James Hendershot, p. 57
Untitled by Deborah Labatte, p. 61
“Nocturne” by Ann Maca, p. 64
“The Three Graces” by Ann Maca, p. 65
“Commentator” by Julie Idstrom, p. 68
“No. 9 Arundel Castle West Sussex, England” by Don Loegering, p. 73
“No. 10 Bridge over the Avon Stratford, England” by Don Loegering, p. 74

Spring 1986

Editors: Kathryn Campbell & Scott T. Durocher

“Something in the Eaves” by Lyn Lifshin, p. 6
“Winter Morning without You” by James Bettendorf, p. 7
“Watching Roy Across the Street” by James Bettendorf, p. 8
“The Passerby” by James Bettendorf, p. 9
“One of Us Who Waits” by Real Faucher, p. 12
“Forgotten Places” by Real Faucher, p. 13
“Throught these Monuments the Sky Has” Judson Crews, p. 14
“If I Were” by Judson Crews, p. 15
“You With” by Judson Crews, p. 16
“Making Pickles, Fairfax, Iowa” by Susan M. Cosens, p. 18
“In the Depth of My Dream All Becomes Law– Bee Season, Pappy in the Garden” by Susan M. Cosens, p. 19
“Woman’s Slope” by Susan M. Cosens, p. 20
“Two Ways to Snow” by Scott M. Kosek, p. 24
“Hidden Waters” by Scott M. Kosek, p. 25
“Pockets do not Tear” by Delbert Brobst, pp. 28-30
“Good Friday Morning” by Delbert Brobst, p. 31
“A Song for Deer” by Delbert Brobst, p. 32
“Return to Budapest” by B. Z. Niditch
“Awakening to a Deafened World” by John J. Peterson, p. 36, 37
“The Town’s Old Man” by John J. Peterson, p. 38, 39
“Where Have All the Engineers Gone” by Glen M. Blenkush, p. 40
“Geneva” by Barton Sutter, p. 46, 47
“The Small White Flower that Contains the Sun” by Barton Sutter, p. 48
“Pine Creek Parish Hall, by Barton Sutter, p, 49
“Crocodile Class” by Steve Klepetar, p. 52, 53
Untitled by Patricia Mohawk, p. 55, 56
Untitled by Steve Nelson, p. 57
“Opposites in Opposition?” by Scott C. Durocher pp. 60-62
“Cut” by David Feela, p. 64
“Space Available” by David Feela, p. 65
“Rainmaker” by David Feela, p. 66
Gentleman Jim, by R. J. Bixby, p. 68, 69
“Virginia and the Pin” by Barbara Abel, p. 70
“Lifewatch” by Barbara Abel, p. 71
“The Slaughtering” by Denise Alden, p. 74, 75

Visual Arts:
“Venice” by Ellen M. Stifter, p. 10
“Hardys” by Becky Pagel, p. 17
“Self-Portrait” by Ann C Maca, p. 21
“Crime and Punishment” by Ann C Maca, p. 22
“One” by Cathy Greenen, p. 27
“There’s One in Every Crowd” by Gregory Page, p. 34
Untitled by Ann Toogood – Garret, p. 41
“Portrait” by Julie Ann Peck, p. 50
“The Place Where…” by Janelle Becker, p. 54
“Lines, Shapes, and Forms” by Jeanne Marie Bain, p. 58
Untitled by Philip Morsberger, p. 63
Untitled by R. J. Bixby, p. 67
“Parade II” by Ann McLeod, p. 72

“An Interview: Barton Sutter” by editors, pp. 42-45

Spring 1985

Editors: Becky Pagel & Maren Riehle

“A Woman at the Beach” by John J. Peterson, p. 6, 7
“The Rip Van Winkle of Phone Boots” by Patrick McKinnon, p. 12
“Rehabilitation” by Patrick McKinnon, p. 13
“Halloween and the Big Boys” by David Thoreen, p. 14, 15
“Charles River” by B. Z. Niditch, p. 16
“Billy Lies” by Susan M. Cosens, p. 19
“How to Live Forever” by Steve Klepetar, pp. 24-26
“The Woman Who Dreamed Her Hair Would Never Stop Growing” by Steve Klepetar, p. 27
“The Proostitutes at Montmartre” by Arthur Winfield Knight, p. 30, 31
“Brass Unicorns” by Arthur Winfield Knight, p. 32
“The Bell Riger” by David G. Hulm, p. 33
“Virgins Kissing Virgins” by David Hulm, p. 34
“From Harney Peak” by Doug Johnson, p. 39
“July Night” by Doug Johnson, p. 40
“Divisions on a Ground” by Maureen A. Graham, p. 43
“Breathing” by Denise Kozak, p. 44
“Country Evening” by Karen Leyendeker, p. 49
“Picking Rocks of an Old Gravel Road” by Karen Leyendecker, p. 50
“Glass Coffee Poem” by Karen Leyendecker, p. 51
“Chicano” by Siverio Munoz, p. 54, 55
“Protestants” by Sheila E. Murphy, p. 57
“Timid Gulls” by Christopher Dungey, p. 58
“It’s All Clouded” by Scott M. Kosek, p. 63
“’Til Your Eyes Bleed” by Scott M. Kosek, p. 64
“Only Silence” by K. Weiss, p. 68
“O Forgotten Pioneer” by Marilyn Salzl Brinkman, p. 69
“Melting Snow” by Marilyn Salzl Brinkman, p. 70
“Opening a New Book” by Marilyn Salzl Brinkman, p. 71

Visual Arts:
Untitled by Cindy Pintok, p. 9
Untitled by Cindy Pintok, p. 10
Untitled by Mary Sellner, p. 17
Untitled by Val Lehn, p. 21
“Framed by Val Lehn, p. 22
Untitled by Barb Amkie, p. 29
“Celebration” by Philip Morsberger, p. 35
“It Was Just as He Promised” by Philip Morsberger, p. 38
Untitled by Becky Pagel, p. 41
“Gathering Room, Sacred Heart Chapel” by Don Loegering, p. 46
“The Lantern, Sacred Heart Chapel” by Dan Loegering, p. 47
Untitled by Meghan Hermes, p. 53
“Monsoon #1, #2, #3″ by Carla Blashack, p. 59
Untitled by Carla Blashack, p. 60
Untitled by Carla Blashack, p. 61
“Fallen Leaves” by Caroline Berres, O. S. C., p. 66

“An Interview with a Painter: Philip Morsberger, p. 36, 37

Spring 1984 (rare copy)*

Editors: Gina Gagliardi & Becky Pagel

“This is the Poem” by Bruce Jones, p. 6
“The Gentle Entertainer” by John J. Peterson, p. 7
“My Mother’s Breast Was Not A Mack-Truck” by John J. Peterson, p. 8
“Some Reasons Why Poetry Isn’t Popular” by Gordon Anderson, p. 11
“Housewife” by Gail Rixen, p. 12
“Kneeling High” by Delbert E. Brobst, p. 16
“lenny carlino” by Patrick McKinnon, p. 17
“On the Kitchen Floor” by Sharon Chmielarz, p. 20
“For My First-Born Leaving Home” by Jan Nielsen, p.22
“Wild Ducks Claim the Rock Garden” by Jan Nielsen, p. 23
“Danish Blue Plates” by Jan Nielsen, p. 24
“Incident at the Zoo in October” by Nancy Raeburn, p. 26-27
“Marathon” by Steven Klepetar, p. 28-29
“For Shining Elk” by George Gott, p. 31
“Nimimosha” by George Gott, p. 32
“Gerhardt’s” by George Gott, p. 33
“Apron Strings” by Jeffrey J. Kulow, p. 34
“Touch” by Lyn Lifshin, p. 40-41
“A Lady Bug is a Mushroom With Legs” by Van Anderson, p.42
“Dusk Collection” by Van Anderson, p. 43
“Men Without Shirts” by Denise Kozak, p. 46
“Hilde’s Birth, Pappy’s Diary, March 4, 1914″ by Susan M. Cosens, p. 47
“Motty’s Pea Soup” by Susan M. Cosens, p. 48
“The Chase” by Steve Burroughs, p. 50
“Desert River” by Mike Kuhne, p. 51
“The Wet Linen Rag” by Mike Kuhne, p. 52
“The Wish” by David J. Feela, p. 62
“Pallor Milk (the Seduction) P.M.(Post Mortem)” by David G. Hulm, p. 66-67
“Toasted Marshmellows” by David G. Hulm, p. 68
“Teaching Fay to Read” by Philip Dacey, p. 70
“olson’s farm” by Anthony Schlagel, p. 72
“Hometown Widow Whose Laundry Never Gets Clean” by Bill Meissner, p. 73
“Late Winter: The Ice Walkers” by Bill Meissner, p. 74-75

“writing a grant” by Patrick McKinnon, p. 18-19
“Portrait of a Railroad With Child” by Katherine M. Carlson, p. 56-61

“Vogue Study” by Valerie Lehn, p. 10
“Self-Portrait” by Ross K. Rorvig, p. 14
“Treacy” by Ross K. Rorvig, p. 15
Untitled by Barb Makie, p. 21
Untitled by Carla Blashack, p. 30
“Katie Elizabeth” by Becky Pagel, p. 44
Untitled by Mary Sellner, p. 54
Untitled by Mary Sellner, p. 55
Untitled by Catherine Klarkowski, p.63
“Purgation” by Catherine Klarkowski, p. 64
Featured Artist: Gayle Cole
“10/2/82″ by Gayle Cole, p. 36
Interview, p. 37-38
Untitled by Gayle Cole, p. 39

Spring 1983

Editors: Mary Foslid & Linda Paulson

“Interpretations” by Marcia Jagodzinski, p. 7
“27 Years in the Front Seat” by Lois Vossen, p. 8
“College Graduate” by John J. Peterson, p. 11
“An Army of Feela” by John J. Peterson, p. 12
“Angstron’s Jay” by Delbert Brobst, pp. 18-21
“Hunting for Smiles” by Jeffrey J. Kulow, p. 24
“Froma Winter Night” by Richard Carr, p. 26
“Sickness” by Richard Carr, p. 27
“Shadow” by Richard Carr, p. 28
“Willie” by Jolene Roelke, p. 30
“Elijah in the Cave – “A”” by Micheael Savage, p. 33
“Elijah in the Cave – “B”” by Micheael Savage, p. 33
“Elijah in the Cave – “C”” by Micheael Savage, p. 34
“Yes” by George Gott, p. 35
“My Father” by Bruce Sweet, p. 41
“The End of MArrige” by Vincent D. O’Connor, p. 42
“Monochrome” by Laurie Taylor, p. 47
“Non-Letter to My Daughter’s Grandmother” by Laurie Taylor, p. 48
“Stroking the Softness of My Cheek” by Giles Denmark, p. 50
“Pieces of String – Saved” by J. L. Kubicek, pp. 53-55
“Navigating” by Ellen Lansky, pp. 56-58
“The Edge” by Mary Jean Renbold, p. 60
“Champions” by Bill Meissner, p. 62
“T.E.” by Gail Rixen, p. 64
“The Warranty” by Gail aRixen, p. 65
“Ida Marie” by Gail Rixen, p. 66
“Reading Thoreau in Late Autumn” by John Ekholm, p. 68
“The Rebel” by Roseann Wolak, p. 69
“Sid and the New Color TV” by Bruce David Huisinga, p. 72
“Mary in Grand Marais” by Linda Biele, p. 74, 75

Visual Arts:
Untitled by Michelle Hilleshiem, p. 10
“Western Steam” by Ross. K. Rorvig, p. 14
“Girl in Pool” by Ross K. Rorvig, p. 15
“Big Farmer” by Ross K. Rorvig, p. 16
Untitled by Barbara Simon-Fashing, p. 23
Untitled by Susan Jonas, p. 32
“Open Season” by Jean Martone, p. 44
“King’s Table” by Jean Martone, p. 45
Untitled by Catherine Klarkowski, p. 52
Untitled by Michelle Hillesheim, p. 59
Untitled by Patricia Kadolph, p. 71

“Carol Bly: An Interview” pp. 37-40


Editors: Cindy Corcoran & Therese Stallings

Untitled by Jolene Roelke, p. 7
“Comatose Underbrush Lie in State” by Teresa A. Shmelzer, p. 8
“Intelligence” by J. L. Kubicek, p. 10
“The Blood Rises” by Florence Dacey, p. 11
Untitled by Monica Ochtrup, p. 12
“Ode to the North Wind…or My GrandmOther Died Digging Potatoes” by James Pollock, p. 14
“The Time Machine” by John J. Peterson, p. 15
“Of These I Sing” by Mary Jean Reinbold, p. 16
“Soliroma” by John J. Peterson and Nguyen Dung, p. 18
“American Offerings” by Paul Imholte, p. 20
“Condoms” by John J. Peterson, p. 21
Untitled by James Fitzmaurice, p. 22
“The Howling Night” by Maren Reihle
“Ladies Waiting: On a Painting by Picasso” by James Lundstrom, p. 24
“Picasso” by Sharon Brin, p. 25
“Café Rosemary and Prayer Beads” by Alex Stach, p. 26
“And He Works on His Work” by Justin Lemke, p. 28, 29
“The All Electric Kitchen” by James Latimer, p. 30, 31
“Folkfright” by James Latimer, p. 32
Untitled by Delbert Brobst, p. 33
“A Laundromat in Dublin” by David Evertz, p. 34
“Wife” by Judith Healey, p. 40
“Window Mechanics” by Brent Chesley, p. 41
“St. Cloud: 622 St. Germain” by Lois Vossen, p. 42
“A Lecture on Dali” by Melissa Brown, p. 44
“Carl’s Stone” by Sharon Chmielarz, p. 46, 47
“At Norita’s House” by Sharon Chmielarz, p. 48
“Snowed in At Park Rapids Airport” by Marva Sullivan, p. 50
“My Baby” by Therese Stallings, p. 52
“Climbing into my Father’s Skin” by William Meissner, p. 53
“The Voice Gymnast” by William Meissner, p. 54
“End of the World: Hearing that Snow Collapsed the Alpine Café Roof” by William Meissner, p. 56, 57
“Wrestling with the Lord for My Creation” by Laurie Skiba, p. 58
“Messengers” by Mike Opitz, p. 60
“Rock – N – Roll Cheater” by C. C. Calhoun, p. 62
“The Picnicers” by C. C. Calhoun, p. 64
“Seeking MOtherhood” by Cindy Crocoran, p. 66
“Talk”by Tom Walsh, p. 67
“Overheard at the Cannes Film Festival” by Philip Dacey, p. 68

Visual Arts:
“Degas'” by Sharon Brin, p. 13
“Playground” by D. Samsa, p. 17
“The Golfer” by Ann Buley
“Saridine” by Jill Dubbeldee, p. 27
“Women Crying” by Sharon Brin, p. 35
“Illustration of a Basic Life – Truth” by Kay Kirscht, p. 43
“Anna 1979″ by Helane Monsour p. 45
Untitled by Pat Yentzer, p. 49
“Guilt” by D. Samsa, p. 51
“One Place Too Long” by Linda Medved, p. 55
“Spring Thaw” by Marjorie Masel, p. 59
Untitled by Pat Yentzer, p. 61
“Cloucester Harbor Night” by Gordon Goetemann, p. 63
“Dick” by John Warnke, p. 65
Untitled by D. Samsa, p. 69

“An Interview with Jon Hassler” by Cindy Corcoran and Therese Stallings, pp. 36-39

(1981 not funded/not pub. according to preface in 1982 edition)

1980 Note: Volume 8 printed on spine

Editors: Pam Ruff & Leslie Sinner

“St. Croix Valley / Winter Storm” by Mary C. Dunford, p. 6
“Georgia O’Keeffe” by Mary C. Dunford, p. 7
“Snapshot” by Phil Bolsta, p. 9, 10
“Matins” by Richard Broderick, p. 14
“Poem for the Santee Dead: January, 1863″ by Richard Broderick, p. 15
“Stalking the Silence” by Galen Martini, p. 17, 18
“Guide” by Caroline Marshall, p. 22
“The Room is Filled with Greeks” by Renee Valois, p. 24
“Recalled” by Jeffery M. Shade, p. 26, 27
“Mantle of Womanhood, by G. Renee Getrue, pp. 32-34
“Prairie July” by Gail Rixen, p.37
“Married in Allensbyrrntonn” by Bruce Huisinga, pp. 43-46
“Motherless” by Deb Quaal, p. 48
“Secrets” by Judith K. Healey, p. 50
“Jazzmayion” by Nina Gardner, p. 54
“2 Wet Cantaloupe Melons on a Wet Window Sill” by Kathrine Kamman, p.56, 57
“Why She is Afraid of the Dark” by John Humphrey, p. 59
“Leaping Dog Paining #2″ by Joan Rehbein, p. 61
“Verse – Coffee Table” by J. L. Kubicek, p. 65, 66
“Zen Victory” by Alex Stach, p. 68
“Quote froma Former Child” by Earl C. Pike, p.70
“October” by Melissa Brown, p. 74
“Housewarming” Melissa by Brown, p. 75
“Myth Day” by Melissa Brown, p. 76
“Columbus Day” by Jerry Ruff, p. 78
“Worms and Flowers in Silver Bay” by Delbert Brobst, pp. 84-87
“The Jazzman’s Song” by Delbert Brobst, p. 88
“Motherhood” by Bruce B. Barton, p. 90
“C. F. Linnis Responds to Charles Russell’s Letter after Years of Silence” Paul Adrian, p. 92
“A Song for the Season’s: Two Voices” by Michael Opitz, p. 96
“Native-born” by Norita Larson, p. 98
“Sunday Afternoon Sunbather” by Sigrid Bergie, p. 100
“Through One Billion Hotel Windows Came this Voice” by Dale Houstman, p.104
“Another Light” by Terry Jaakola, p. 106
“Paionie” by Thomas Dillon Redshaw, p. 108, 109
“Loss of Cabin Pressure” by Thomas Dillon Redshaw, p. 110
“Fushia” by Michael Dennis Browne, p. 114
“Standing in Blossom, Standing in Snow” by Michael Dennis Browne, p. 115
“Cursing the Snow” by George Roberts, p. 117, 118
“What Can I Discover By Writing This? By George Roberts, p. 119, 120
“Just Now” by George Roberts, p. 121

Visual Arts:
“au Petite Poucet” by James Kigin, p. 12
“A Day in Venice” by Chris Kosir, p. 20
“Toast-Master Oven” by Lynn Shilling-Brown, p. 29
“Study” by Lynn Shilling-Brown, p. 30
Untitled photos by Pat Yentzer, pp. 38-41
“Beat the Heat” by Paula Egan, p. 53
“Portland, Maine: A Bull’s Eye View” by Anthony D. Sinner
Untitled by Rebecca Nolda, p. 72
Untitled Photos by David Miller, pp. 80-83
Untitled by Ramona Frana, p. 94
Untitled by Donald Lorincz, p. 102
“Portrait” by James Hendershot, p. 112

Spring 1979

Editors: Randy Krzmarzick & Caroline Stalboerger

“What to do in These Times” by Galen Martini, pp. 6-8
“Streetlights” by Mary Beth Sellner, p. 12
Untitled by Gregory Jordahl, p. 17
“Nocturne #5″ by Gregory Jordahl, p. 18, 19
“Nocturne” by Gregory Jordahl, p. 19, 20
“West Acres” by Gregory Jordahl, p. 21
“My Inheritance” by Delbert Brobst, p. 23
“Blood” by Delbert Brobst, p. 24
“Wildflowers and Lava” by May C. Dunford, p. 28
“Straph Series #1″ by George Roberts, pp. 30-35
“On a bus in Winter” by Deb Quaal, p. 37
“Sleeping with Strangers” by Deb Quaal, p. 38
“For H. K.” by Gail Rixen. P. 42
“I hear Wate” by Michael Finley, p. 44
“Just a Thought” by Kathy Louis
“Early Morning” by James NAiden, p. 50
“Flirtation with Ice” by Florence Dacey, p. 57, 58
“Where the Season of Canoe Takes Us” by William Meissner, p. 60
“Northfield, 1″ by Marie Vogle Stewart, p. 64
“Northfield, II” by Marie Vogle Stewart, p. 65
“Northfield III” by Marie Vogle Stewart, p. 66
“Into the Mirror” by Monica Ochtrup, p. 71
“Journey” by Monica Ochtrup, p. 72
“Three A.M.” by Sigrid Bergie, p. 76
“Goosberry in Winter” by Mike Englehart, p. 78
“My Brother is a Farmer” by Marcia Jagodzinski, p. 82

Visual Arts:
Untitled by John J. Kolb, p. 10
Untitled by Pat Yentzer, p. 14
Untitled by Pat Yentzer, p. 15
“Le Pont” by Anthony D. Sinner, p. 26
“Against the Wind and Rain” by Patrick Dwyer, p. 40
“D’apres ‘The Drifter’ by Andrew Wyeth” by Christopher Munoz, p. 46
Untitled by Rob Ward, p. 52
Untitled by Rob Ward, p. 53
Untitled by Rob Ward, p. 54
Untitled by Rob Ward, p. 55
“The Pizzeria” by Bela Petheo, p. 62
Untitled by Helane Monsour, p. 68
Untitled by Helane Monsour, p. 69
Untitled by Teresa Thomas, p. 74
Untitled by Kristen Willette, p. 80