Sister Luanne Meagher

Born March 3, 1901
Professed July 11, 1921
Entered Eternal Life October 21, 1986

Sister Luanne Meagher died on October 21, 1986, at St. Paul’s Priory, St. Paul, Minnesota, after a short illness. She was born fourth in the family on March 3, 1901, in St. Wendel, Minnesota, to James Francis Meagher and Ellen Barrett. She was baptized Anne Bernadette, at the Church of St. Columbkille, Maples, Minnesota, on March 17, 1901. Her father died when she was six months old. Later, her mother married Louis Vouk, and had five more children. Sister is survived by three sisters, Mary Ossanna, Mildred Moore, and Helen Mushel, all of Minneapolis. She is preceded in death by her father, mother, stepfather, four brothers and one sister.

Sister Luanne entered the scholasticate at St. Benedict’s Convent, St. Joseph, Minnesota, in November, 1919, and made vows in 1921. She was a graduate of St. Benedict’s Academy in 1919, received her BA from the College of St. Benedict in 1924; her MA from the University of Minnesota in Latin and English; and her PhD in Latin and Greek from the University of Chicago in 1936. Sister Luanne was a dedicated teacher and Biblical scholar. She had just completed a translation of the Letters of Nicholas of Clairveaux in the summer of 1986.

She was one of the early leaders of our community, being an active member of the pioneer founders of the Priory on Summit Avenue in 1948. She served the Priory and Federation as Community and Corporation Secretary from 1948-1969; and was Delegate to six General Chapters. She wrote the history of the Federation of St. Benedict. She taught at St. Benedict’s College, the College of St. Catherine, and the Catholic. University of America. In her later years she taught many adult education Scripture classes.

Sister was well known for her love of the Divine Office and the Liturgy; her devotion, love, and intense interest in her family; her appreciation for fine pieces of art, as displayed in the Priory Gift Shop, which she supervised for over twenty years; her sensitivity to nature as shown by her interest in flowers and her gardens; and her total involvement in community and Priory affairs. She has been a “doer” and a vital contributor to every aspect of life around her.

The Mass of Christian Burial was celebrated on October 24, 1986, at St. Paul’s Priory. May the angels lead her into Paradise, and may the martyrs receive her at her coming.