Sisters’ Lodge

Sisters’ lodge (2010)

The Sisters’ Lodge (sometimes referred to as a Pavilion) was built in 1925-26. Situated in the Monastery Woods, the lodge is a place of peace for the Sisters who wish to stay there. It has all the necessary comforts “electricity, gas and water facilities,” which have made it possible…”for the sisters to enjoy periods of relaxation during summer or winter.”

 The following details about its history were provided by the St. Benedict’s Monastery Archives:

1925-26 Original Construction

1962, May 12:  Chapter approved renovation of the pavilion to make it more serviceable for the sisters’ recreational needs (winterizing and sleeping accommodations for 6-8 people)

1963(?) Renovations:

1980 (Spring) Renovations:

2005 (Winter) Renovations

2006 (Winter) Renovations

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