Buildings at the College of Saint Benedict

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CSB Buildings – Timeline of Dates of Completion and Renovation
CSB Buildings Named after Sisters
CSB Buildings Named after Sisters (map)
CSB Campus at different points in time
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Academic Services Building (ASB) 
Ann House -see Off Campus Housing
Ardolf Science Center (ASC)
Art and Heritage Place (Whitby Gift Shop, Gallery, and Haehn Museum)
Athletic Fields – see College Avenue Athletic Fields 
Aurora Hall – see First Year Dorms
Benedicta Arts Center (BAC)
Brian Hall – see Sophomore Dorms
Buildings at the College of Saint Benedict Named after Sisters
Centennial Commons  
Claire Lynch Gymnasium
Clemens Library
Cemetery for the Monastery
College Avenue Apartments – see Upper Class Residences
College Avenue Athletic Fields 
Corona Hall – see First Year Dorms
Dehler House – See Off Campus Housing
Dennis Frandrup – Sister Dennis Frandrup Kiln
Dominica Borgerding – see Upper Class Residences
East Apartments (Luetmer, McDonald, Wirth, Zierden) – see Upper Class Residences
Evin Hall: Spirituality Center 
First Year Dorms: Aurora, Regina & Corona
Fish Pond
Gable – see Upper Class Residences
Gertrude Hall – see Main Building
Girgen – see Upper Class Residences
Gorecki Dining Center
Grotto – Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto
Haehn Campus Center (HCC)
Haehn Museum – see Art and Heritage Place
Health Center
Henrita Academic Building (HAB)
Horse Barn – see  Horsemanship Program
Idzerda House – see also  President’s Houses – History 
Jeanette House -see Off Campus Housing
Katherine House/Rainbow House -see Off Campus Housing
Lois Wedl Athletic Center – see College Avenue Athletic Fields
Lottie Ardolf Boulevard Entrance
Lottie Hall – see Sophomore Dorms
Leutmer -see Upper Class Residences 
Main Building 
Margaret House -see Off Campus Housing
Margretta Hall – see Sophomore Dorms
Mary Commons and Bookstore 
McDonald – see Upper Class Residences 
McGlynn’s – see Haehn Campus Center (HCC) 
Meyer House -see Off Campus Housing
Mobile Homes 
Multicultural (Rose) House -see Off Campus Housing
Murray Hall
Off Campus Housing [College-Owned Houses]
President’s Houses – History
Rainbow House/Katherine House -see Off Campus Housing
Regina Hall – see First Year Dorms
Renner House – see also President’s House
Richarda Hall – see Henrita Academic Building
Sacred Heart Chapel
Schoenecker Commons 
Schumacher – see Upper Class Residences
Sisters’ Lodge (in the Monastery Woods)
Smith – see Upper Class Residences
Sohler – see Upper Class Residences
Sophomore Dorms: Margretta, Lottie & Brian
South Entrance – see Lottie Ardolf Boulevard Entrance
Spirituality Center -see Evin Hall
Teresa Hall – see Main Building
TRC – see Main Building
Upper Class Residences: East, West and College Ave. Apartments – See also Centennial Commons 
Wedl Athletic Center – see College Avenue Athletic Fields
West Apartments (Dominica Borgerding, Gable, Girgen, Schumacher, Smith, Sohler, Westkaemper) – see  Upper Class Residences
Westkaemper – see Upper Class Residences
Werth – see Upper Class Residences 
Zierden -see Upper Class Residences