Extraordinary Performance Award Winners

Each semester, one CSB and one SJU employee are given the Extraordinary Performance Award based on nominations received by a committee.  There are four categories of evaluation for extraordinary performance:  Commitment to Excellence, Role Model/Personal Work Style, Leadership, and Benedictine Values.

Fall 2015:  None given; program under review

Spring 2015:  Robert Stoeckel and Mary Beth Thompson

Fall 2014:  Tammy Huston and Judy Purman

Spring 2014:  Cathy Robak and Tom Voller-Berdan

Fall 2013:  Sheila Hellermann and Marcia Mahlum

Spring 2013:  Stacy Penk and Nicole Reuter

Fall 2012:  Gary Jorgensen and Cindy Rodenwald

Spring 2012:  Peggy Roske and Tom Stock

Fall 2011:  Cindy Dockendorf and Tom Vogel

Spring 2011:  Nikki Jochman and Gary Nelson

Fall 2010:  Bonnie Kalla and Laura Schmitz

Spring 2010:  Kenneth Cartwright and Pam Reding

Fall 2009:  Dianne Johnstone and Tasha Marwitz

Spring 2009:  Wendy Bechtold and Eileen Haeg

Fall 2008:  Fr. Daniel Durken and Louise Geyer

Spring 2008:  Suzette Ehlinger and Miranda Novak

Fall 2007:  Sharon Toogood Froehle and Dan Sis

Spring 2007:  John Miller and Greg Schirmers

Fall 2006:  Tom Kroll and Connie Schiff

Spring 2006:  Jane Moening and Jeanne Terres

Fall 2005:  Karen Backes and Norma Dickau

Spring 2005:  Liola Dold and Carol Howe-Veenstra

Fall 2004:  Lois Harren and Jane Haugen

Spring 2004:  Carla Durand-Demarais and Jeff Wubbels

Fall 2003:  Mona Gruber and Mary Ann Kammers

Spring 2003:  Barb Fahnhorst and Valerie Knopp

Fall 2002:  Mark Klocker and Burdette Miller-Lehn

Spring 2002:  Larry Christen and Mary Tamm

Fall 2001:  Eileen Bitzan and Norma Koetter

Spring 2001:  Ann Arndt and Robyn Courchane

Fall 2000:  Carol Johannes and Mary Niedenfuer

Spring 2000:  Sharon Schmitt and Geraldine Zierden

Fall 1999:  Bonnie Meyer and Maryjean Opitz

Spring 1999:  Terry Bernardy and Dennis Shay

Fall 1998:  Bev Radaich and Suzanne Reinert

Spring 1998:  Deb Guertin and Jan Kaufman

Fall 1997:  Mary Darnall and Thang Nguyen

Spring 1997:  Carol Jansky and Tom Nichol

Fall 1996:  Deb Lehman and Joan Volkers

Spring 1996:  Gloria Hardy and Bill Weiss