Awards – CSB & Joint

See also SJU’s  Awards – St. John’s

Advising Awards

This award was established in 1985 and recognizes outstanding performance in academic advising. It is usually (though not always) given to one faculty member from each division (Fine Arts, Humanities, Natural Science, and Social Studies) as well as one cross-divisional award given to another faculty advisor or to a professional advisor whose primary responsibility is the academic advisement of students. Advisors who have won this award within the past three years are not eligible.

Nelsy Echavez-Solano, Hispanic Studies
Don Fischer, Exercise Science & Sport Studies

Theresa Johnson, Education
Shannon Wenner, Academic Advising

Carie Braun, Nursing
Robert Campbell, Mathematics 

Jodi Berndt, Nursing
Boz Bostrom, Accounting and Finance

Corrie Gross, Environmental Studies 
Ben Trnka, Accounting and Finance

Kristi Hendricks, Education/First Year Seminar 
John Kendall, First Year Seminar 

Todd Johnson, Physics
Mary Stenson, Exercise Science and Sports Studies

Julie Lynch, Communication
Elisheva Perelman, History/First Year Seminar

Emily Paup, Communication
Parker Wheatley, Economics

Shawn Colberg, Theology
Kingshuk Mukherjee, Global Business Leadership

Bob Bell, Accounting & Finance
Barbara May, Biology

Martin Connell, Theology
Don Fischer, Exercise Science & Sports Studies

Nina Kollars, First-Year Seminar
Matt Lindstrom, Political Science

Jeanne Cofell, Education
Dana Drazenovich, Communication

Stephen Stelzner, Psychology
Parker Wheatley, Economics

Social Sciences: Claire Haeg, Political Science
Natural Sciences: Kris Nairn, Mathematics
Cross Divisional: Lisa Scott, Academic Advising
Fine Arts: Greg Walker, Music
Humanities: Sophia Geng, Modern Classical Languages

Social Sciences: Mary Jepperson, Accounting and Finance
Natural Sciences: Mani Campos, Biology
Cross Divisional: Sarah Pruett, ESL
Fine Arts: Samuel Johnson, Art
Humanities: Br. Dennis Beach, OSB, Philosophy

Social Sciences: Virginia Arthur, Management
Natural Sciences: Philip Chu, Biology
Cross Divisional: Jackie Hampton, Continuing Studies/Liberal Studies
Fine Arts: Br. David Paul Lange, OSB, Art
Humanities: Joan Steck, Communication

Social Sciences: Don Fischer, Education
Natural Sciences: Jayne Byrne, Nutrition
Cross Divisional: Michelle Sauer, Academic Advising
Fine Arts: Axel Theimer, Music
Humanities: Kelly Berg-Nellis, Communication

Social Sciences: Kay Wolsborn, Political Science
Natural Sciences: Anna McKenna, Chemistry
Cross Divisional: Jason Kelly, Academic Advising
Fine Arts: Kaarin Johnston, Theater
Humanities: Jeanmarie Cook, Communication

Social Sciences: Rodger Narloch, Psychology
Natural Sciences: David Mitchell, Biology
Cross Divisional: Theresa Anderson, Academic Advising
Fine Arts: David Arnott, Music
Humanities: Richard Bohr, History

Social Sciences: Janet Hope, Sociology
Natural Sciences: Elizabeth Wurdak, Biology
Cross Divisional: Matt Callahan, Symposium
Fine Arts: S. Dennis Frandrup, OSB, Art
Humanities: Fr. Rene McGraw, OSB, Philosophy

Social Sciences: Scott Johnson, Political Science
Natural Sciences: Richard White, Chemistry
Cross Divisional: Jeanne Cofell, Education
Fine Arts: Elaine Rutherford, Art
Humanities: Richard Ice, Communication

Social Sciences: Dee Lamb, Education
Natural Sciences: Steven Saupe, Biology
Fine Arts: Andrea Shaker, Art
Humanities: S. Eva Hooker, CSC, English

Social Sciences: Paul Marsnik, Management
Natural Sciences: Gordon Brown, Biology
Fine Arts: Brian Campbell, Music
Humanities: Jean Keller, Philosophy

Social Sciences: Sheila Nelson, Sociology; Katie Johnson, Communication
Natural Sciences: Mani Campos, Biology; Amy Olson, Nutrition; Dean Langley, Physics
Fine Arts: Ed Turley, Music; Fr. Bob Koopman, OSB, Music
Humanities: S. Mara Faulkner, OSB, English; Rob Buffington, History

Social Sciences: Dee Lamb, Education; Phil Kronebusch, Political Science
Natural Sciences: Joan Wilcox, Nursing; Kate Graham, Chemistry
Fine Arts: Carolyn Finley, Music; Kim Kasling, Music
Humanities: Cynthia Malone, English; Chris Freeman, English

Social Sciences: Fr. Dan Ward, OSB, Political Science; Lynn Ziegler, Computer Science
Natural Sciences: Chuck Rodell, Biology
Fine Arts: Tom Darnall, Theater; Bela Petheo, Art
Humanities: S. Ann Marie Biermaier, OSB, Education; Richard Bohr, History; Fr. Luke Mancuso, OSB, English

Social Sciences: Jane Kathman, Management; Betty Wolterman, Accounting
Natural Sciences: Barb Hansmeier, Nursing; Bob Dumonceaux, Mathematics
Humanities: S. Mara Faulkner, OSB, English; Jeff Anderson, Peace Studies

1995 (when the awards celebration became a joint CSB/SJU event):
Social Sciences: J. Scott Johnson, Political Science, SJU; S. Lois Wedl, OSB, Education, CSB
Natural Sciences: Virginia Wieland, Nursing, CSB; Jack Lange, Mathematics, SJU
Humanities: Bill Cahoy, Theology, SJU; Angeline Dufner, English, CSB

1994 (SJU only):
Social Sciences: Charles Rambeck, Economics
Natural Sciences: Jennifer Galovich, Mathematics
Humanities: Ken Jones, History

1993 (SJU only):
Social Sciences: Pat McKee, Management
Natural Sciences: Cherly Knox, Biology
Humanities: Scott Richardson, Modern and Classical Languages

1992 (SJU only):
Social Sciences: Ernie Diedrich, Economics
Natural Sciences: Michael Gass, Mathematics
Humanities: Annette Atkins, History

1991 (SJU only):
Social Sciences: Barbara Edwards, Management
Natural Sciences: Norman Ford, Biology
Humanities: Fr. Bob Koopmann, OSB, Music

1990 (SJU only):
Social Sciences: Michael Norman, Management
Natural Sciences: Clayton Gearhart, Physics
Humanities: Fr. J.P. Earls, OSB, English

1989 (SJU only):
Social Sciences: Paula King, Management
Natural Sciences: Tom Kirkman, Physics
Humanities: Fr. Mark Thamert, OSB, Modern and Classical Languages

1988 (SJU only):
Social Sciences: Joe Farry, Government
Natural Sciences: Tom Sibley, Mathematics
Humanities: Br. Alan Reed, OSB, Art

1987 (SJU only):
Social Sciences: Lucy Larson, Accounting
Natural Sciences: John Klassen, OSB, Chemistry
Humanities: David Bennetts, History

1986 (SJU only):
Social Sciences: William Cofell, Education; Jane Kathman, Business Administration
Natural Sciences: Frank Rioux, Chemistry
Humanities: Don Talafous, OSB, Theology

1985 (SJU only):
Social Sciences: James Murphy, Government
Natural Sciences: Robert Dumonceaux, Mathematics
Humanities: Janet McNew, English; Rene McGraw, OSB, Philosophy

Diakonia Award (CSB)

Established in 1985, the Diakonia Award is given to anyone who has exemplified themselves by way of the Benedictine values and have advanced the College of Saint Benedict through their service, time, and effort. 

James Reagan, April 4, 1997
Robert Witte, April 4, 1997
Alan Ruvelson, April 4, 1997
Herman Ratelle, April 28, 1994
Alex Didier, June 7, 1985

Teaching Awards

Sister Mary Grell/Robert L. Spaeth Teacher of Distinction Teacher of Distinction Award

This award was established in 2020 from the merging of Sister Mary Grell Award (see below) and Robert Spaeth Award (see below). 

2024: Robert Campbell III, Mathematics & Director of FYX (First Year Experience) 
: Erica Stonestreet, Philosophy
2022: Corrie Grosse, Enviromental Studies
2021: Ana Conboy, Languages and Cultures
2020: Ken Jones, History, p. 20-21


Sister Mary Grell Teacher of Distinction Award, 1995-2019 (for CSB Faculty)

This award was established in 1995 and awarded to a CSB faculty member, who, from 2000-2019, customarily delivered the opening convocation address at CSB at the start of the fall semester.  In 2020, this award was merged with the Robert L. Spaeth Award (see above) and all CSB and SJU faculty became eligible. 


2019: Emily Esch, Philosophy
2018: Anne Sinko, Mathematics
2017: Amy Grinsteiner, Music
2016: Don Fischer, Exercise Science & Sport Studies
: David Mitchell, Biology
2014: Christi Siver, Political Science
2013: Christopher Schaller, Chemistry
2012: Edward McIntee, Chemistry
2011: Stephen Stelzner, Psychology
2010: Elisabeth Wengler, History
2009: Cynthia Malone, English
2008: Steven Saupe, Biology
2007: Pamela Bacon, Psychology
2006: Erin Szabo, Communication
2005: Linda Tennison, Psychology
2004: LuAnn Reif, Nursing
2003: Mani Campos, Biology
2002: Larry Davis, Biology
2001: Mara Faulkner, OSB, English
2000: Richard Bohr, History
1999: Carolyn Finley, Music
1998: Cynthia Curran, History
1997: Kaarin Johnston, Theater
1996: Edward Turley, Music
1995: Dee Lamb, Education

Robert L. Spaeth Teacher of Distinction Award, 1995-2019 (for SJU Faculty)

This award was established in 1995 and awarded to an SJU faculty member who, from 2000-2019, customarily delivered the opening convocation address at SJU at the start of the fall semester. In 2020, this award was merged with the Sister Mary Grell Award (see above) and all CSB and SJU faculty became eligible.

2019: Corey Shouse, Hispanic Studies
2018: Sophia Geng, Languages and Cultures
2017: Kristin Colberg, Theology
2016: Scott Richardson, Languages and Cultures
: Benjamin Faber, Psychology
2014: Kate Graham, Chemistry
2013: Karen Erickson, Modern and Classical Languages
2012: Stephen Wagner, Philosophy
2011: J. Scott Johnson, Political Science
2010: Bruce Campbell, Hispanic Studies
2009: Tom Sibley, Mathematics
2008: Mark Thamert, OSB, Modern and Classical Languages
2007: Rene McGraw, OSB, Philosophy and Peace Studies
2006: Rodger Narloch, Psychology
2005: Richard Ice, Communication
2004: Charles Wright, Philosophy
2003: Michael Livingston, Psychology
2002: Joseph Farry, Political Science
2001: Daniel Rush Finn, Economics and Theology
2000: Luke Mancuso, OSB, English
1999: James Poff, Biology
1998: Norm Ford, Biology
1997: Jeff Anderson, Peace Studies
1996: Kristen Vonnegut, Communication
1995: Anthony Cunningham, Philosophy

Jennifer Galovich Service Award

This award, named in honor of Jennifer Galovich, was established in 2020 and recognizes outstanding faculty service to CSB and SJU. 


2024: Jean Lavigne, Environmental Studies
: Carie Braun, Nursing
2022: Greg Schroeder, History
2021: Ken Jones, History
2020: Kaarin Johnston, Theater, p. 18-19

Catholic Benedictine Educator Award

The Catholic Benedictine Educator Award, established in 2022, is sponsored by the Benedictine Institute of Saint John’s University and the College of Saint Benedict Koch Chair in Catholic Thought and Culture encourages CSB and SJU faculty (part and full time) to creatively engage and foster understanding of Benedictine or other expressions of the Catholic intellectual tradition when teaching their academic discipline. Faculty members whose academic discipline lies outside of theology are eligible for this award. The strongest nominees will find ways to engage both the Catholic intellectual and Benedictine traditions.”

2024: J. Scott Johnson, Political Science
2023: Julie Lynch, Communication
2022: Ana Conboy, Languages & Cultures

Linda Mealey Faculty/Student Collaborative Research and Creativity Award

This is a faculty-student collaborative research and creativity award.  Eastablished in 2000 as the Teacher/Scholar Award, it may be given to a faculty member on both campuses.  In 2004, following the untimely death of Dr.  Linda Mealey, Professor of Psychology and 2002 recipient of the award, it was re-named the Linda Mealey Teacher/Scholar Award in her honor.  In 2021 the award was renamed the Linda Mealey  Faculty/Student Collaborative Research and Creativity Award.


2024: Ed McIntee, Chemistry
2023: Megan Sheehan, Sociology
2022: Pedro dos Santos, Political Science
2021:  Mary Stenson, Exercise Science and Sports Studies
2020: Annette Raigoza, Chemistry, p. 16-17
2019: Bret Benesh, Mathematics
2018: Kate Bohn-Gettler, Education
2017: not awarded
2016: Steve Saupe, Biology
: Leigh Dillard, Theater
2014: not awarded
2013: T. Nicholas Jones, Chemistry
2012: Gary Prevost, Political Science
2011: Richard Wielkiewicz, Psychology
2010: Amy Olson, Nutrition
2009: Martha Tomhave Blauvelt, History
2008: Aubrey Immelman, Psychology
2007: Larry Davis, Geology and Biology 
2006: Carie Braun, Nursing
2005: Charles Rodell, Biology
2004: Thomas Sibley, Mathematics
2003: Daniel Steck, Physics
2002: Linda Mealey, Psychology
2001: Bruce Thornton, Music
2000: Kate Graham, Chemistry

Tom Creed Memorial Award

This award was given for effective electronic pedagogy.  Established in 2000, it was first awarded in 2001, and was named in honor of Dr.  Tom Creed, deceased professor of Psychology and founder and first director of the Learning Enhancement Service.  See also  Tom Creed Award announcement. 


2013: Erica Stonestreet, Philosophy; Mark Thamert, Modern and Classical Languages
2012: Bret Benesh, Mathematics; Jodi Berndt, Nursing; Michelle Li-Kuehne, Accounting & Finance
2011: Anna McKenna, Chemistry
2010: Warren Bostrom, Accounting and Finance; Mary Jepperson, Accounting and Finance
2009: Andrea Shaker, Art; Bob Hesse, Mathematics
2004: Kelly Berg Nellis, Communication; Sharmistha Self, Economics
2003: Frank Rioux, Chemistry; Jeanmarie Cook, Communication; Stephen Saupe, Biology
2001: Henry Jakubowski, Chemistry

Sister Linda Kulzer Gender Educator Award

In 2008, a Gender Education and Development Award was established, which was then renamed in honor of Sister Linda Kulzer, OSB, as the Sister Linda Kulzer Gender Educator Award.  This award recognizes a member of the CSB and SJU faculty whose work has been especially important to gender education development. S. Linda, CSB’s Vice President for Academic Affairs from 1977-85 and a professor emerita of education, was a pioneer in the colleges’ earliest efforts to integrate gender into the curriculum.  More information on this award is available in AC 07.71.F01 Box 1 in the CSB Archives.


2024: Pedro dos Santos, Political Science
2023: Jean Keller, Philosophy
2022: Corrie Grosse, Enviromental Studies
2021:  Emily Paup, Communication
2020: Madhu Mitra, English, p. 22
2019: Shannon Smith, History
2018: Susan Cogdill, Music and Education
2017: Sucharita Mukherjee, Economics
2016: Sheila Nelson, Sociology
: Manju Parikh, Political Science 
2014: Christina Hennessy, Gender Studies and Hispanic Studies
2013: Kelly Kraemer, Peace Studies
2012: Shane Miller, Communication
2011: Patricia Bolaños, Gender & Women’s Studies and Hispanic Studies
2010: Anna Mercedes, Theology
2009: Martha Tomhave Blauvelt, History 

Prior to its establishment as an Academic Affairs award in 2008, the Gender and Women’s Studies’ Gender Learning Community presented Gender Education awards in 2005, 2006 and 2007.  These were awarded to:

2007: Lisa Ohm, faculty; Mary Geller and Br. Neal Laloo, OSB, staff; Ashleigh Leitch, student
2006: Jean Keller, faculty; Stephanie Weisgram, OSB, staff; Danielle Delwiche and Gillian Korpi, students
2005: Ozzie Mayers, faculty; Sherry Smolik Day, staff; Johanna Hatch, student 

Alcuin and Clemens Library Information Literacy Award

This award was established in the 2011-2012 school year and discontinued in 2019.   It was awarded to a faculty member who has notably contributed to promoting information literacy throughout the academic year.  Any member of the College of St. Benedict/St. John’s University faculty was eligible.

      2018: J. Andrew Edwards, Theology
2017: Kate Kamakahi, First Year Seminar
2016: Yvette Piggush, English
2015: Jennifer Kramer, Communication 
2014: Christi Siver, Political Science
2013: Deborah Pembleton, Global Business Leadership
2012: Ozzie Mayers, English

Honorary Degrees (CSB)


2018: Beth Dinndorf, Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters degree
2017: Sister Michaela Hedican, O.S.B., Doctor of Humane Letters
2014: Karen Bachman, Doctor of Humane Letters
2010: Elizabeth Alexander, Doctor of Humane Letters
2008: Ahna Skop, Doctor of Science 
2007: Barbara Gray Koch, Doctor of Humane Letters 
2006: Francis (Frank) Ardolf, Doctor of Humane Letters 
2003: Dr. Kathleen Hall Jaimeson; graduation speaker (1964 graduate of St. Benedict’s High School); Professor of Communication and Director for the Annenberg Public Policy Center at the University of Pennsylvania; Doctor of Humane Letters
1979: Dr. Beverly Miller; CSB President; Doctor of Humane Letters
1973: Walter F. Mondale; U.S. Senator from Minnesota; Doctor of Humane Letters
1971: Sister Inez Hilger, O.S.B.; CSB Academic Dean and Anthropologist; Doctor of Humane Letters

Literary Awards (CSB)


Sister Mariella Gable Prize, established in 2000

See also Past Winners.  (Note: A biography of S. Mariella Gable was written by S. Nancy Hynes as an introduction to Gable’s Literature of Spiritual Values and Catholic Fiction.)


2021:  Mai Der Vang
2020:  Marie Mockett
2019:  Sally Wen Mao, Oculus
2018: Jamel Brinkley, A Lucky Man
2017: Edwidge Danticat, The Art of Death: Writing the Final Story  
2016:   Susan Stewart, Cinder: New and Selected Poems 
2015:  Eula Biss, On Immunity: An Inoculation  
2014:  Claudia Rankine, Citizen: An American Lyric
2013:  Ru Freeman, On Sal Mal Lane 
2012:  Deborah Baker, The Convert: A Tale of Exile and Extremism 
2011:  Binyavanga Wainaina, One Day I Will Write About This Place
2010:  Tiphanie Yanique, How to Escape From a Leper Colony: A Novella and Stories
2009:  Ellen Bryant Voigt, The Art of Syntax: Rhythm of Thought, Rhythm of Song
2008:  Linda Gregg, All Of It Singing
2007:  Tracy K. Smith, Duende
2006:  Nuruddin Farah, Trilogy: Variations on the Theme of an African Dictatorship
2005:  Jane Kenyon, Collected Poems of Jane Kenyon
2004:  Clint McCown, The Weatherman
2003:  Joe Coomer, One Vacant Chair
2002:  Judith Kitchen, The House on Eccles Road
2001:  Victoria Redel, Loverboy

Louis A. and Mary Wagner Berger Memorial Prize for Excellence in Creative Writing

The Wagner-Berger Memorial Prize is awarded annually for the best original work of fiction by any full-time College of Saint Benedict Student.  Established in 1987 by Patricia and Leonard Porcello, the purpose of the scholarship is to encourage excellence in the writing of fiction. The winning works are published in Studio One


2024: Taylor Samuelson, Itching
2023: Jules Miyazaki, Is it Nothing? 
2022: Capri Potter, A Point of No Return (p. 38)
2021: Taja Longley, Baby’s Breath
2020: Anna Spreck, The Brown Apartment Building 
2019: Amber Cigelske, Something in the Dark Swallows 
2018: Ryan McCanna,  Quiet Johnny
2017: Yariset Rodriguez,  Detained 
2016: Leanne Otto,  Moonlight Sonata 
2015: Marissa Deml, Later
2014: Victoria Borchardt, White Shoulders
2013: Tierney Chlan, Through Windows
2012: Kia M. Lor, Lub Ntuj Tshiab “Under a New Sky” 
2011: Kelsey Daly, Perfect Cadence
2010: Megan Mills-Rittmann, Ruins 
2009: Melissa Hendrickx, Culinary Therapy 
2008: Elyse Rethlake, A Solovakian Fifty
2007: Rachel Peterson, The Calm Before
2006:  no winner
2005: Rachel Williams, All That Will Fall Down
2004: Rachel Williams, Lake Superior
2003: Kelly Cheeley, Fingers Like Her Mother’s
2002: Emily Holt, One Minute 
2001: Kelly Unger, Escape
2000: Keri Phillips, Misplaced Persons
1999: Katherine Petersen, River Witness
1998: Yuko Taniguchi, Yume: Heart-Breaking Down
1997: Elizabeth DeBroux, Fine
1996: M. Colleen Willenbring, Jerusalem
1995: Joy J. Frisch, No Strings Attached
1994: Colleen Willenbring, Faking
1993: Sandy Longhorn, Recovery
1992: Jean Burns, Things Aren’t Always What They Seem
1991: Terri McCargar, The Devil, the Church, and the Closet Door
1990: Rima Montoya, A Day in April, 1918 
1989:  Cindy Mackedanz, Practice For A Lifetime
1988: Jacqueline Edlund, Anna’s Father

Lumen Vitae Award (CSB)


1999: Mildred McGonagle –  October 7, 1999
1997: Anita Pampusch –  April 10, 1997
1993: Earl Bakken – September 20, 1993
1992: Telzena Coakley ’62 – 1992
1989: Idelia Loso – December 16, 1989
1989: Stanley Idzerda – May 2, 1989 
1988: Wendell Berry – 1988
1987: Meridel LeSueur – May 6, 1987

President’s Medal (CSB)

The President’s Medal, established in 1989, is awarded to those members of the CSB community who have demonstrated extraordinary loyalty, dedication and service to the college and its mission of liberal arts education in the Benedictine tradition. Recipients receive a symbolic representation of the President’s Medal that exhibits the seal of the college.

2022: Kathy Kurvers Henderson, Susan Palmer and Kathy Hansen
2017: Patricia Jackson Larson
2016: Guy and Barbara Schoenecker
2015: Rita Knuesel
2013: Harvey Jewett
2012: Dan and Mabel Coborn
2010:  Telzena Coakley
Kathy Cooney
2009:  Tony Reveles
Tom and Joyce Schlough
2008:  Nancy Judd Ehlen
2007:  Sisters of Saint Benedict’s Monastery
Jacquelynn and the late Sylvester “Shorty” Haehn
2006:  Dorothy Gorecki
2004:  Barbara Gray Koch
2001:  Helen Thomas
2000:  Marcia Johnson Evans
1999:  Bishop John R. Kinney
1998:  Joan Anderson Growe
1993:  Gene Waldorf (January)
Edo de Waart (March)
1992:  Alice Galin
1991:  Reverend Hilary Thimmesh, O.S.B.
1980:  Sister Enid Smith, O.S.B.
1979:  Reverend Michael Blecker, O.S.B.
  Telzena Coakley ’62
  Mother Evin Rademacher, O.S.B.
1977:  Catherine de Huek Doherty
1974:  (60th anniversary of the college and the 10th anniversary of the BAC)
  Curtis Green
  Paul Ballantyne
  Stanislaw Skrowaczewski
  Sister Claire Lynch, O.S.B.
1973:  Mother Henrita Osendorf, O.S.B.
1972:  (emphasis on educational leaders)
  John F. Markert
  Edgar M. Carlson
  Sylvester P. Theisen
1971:  Vivian Drenkhahn
  Dr. Joseph Gaida
  Clarence Scherer
  Rose Reilly
  Sister Mariella Gable, O.S.B.
1970:  Dr. Philip L. Halenbeck
  Dr. and Mrs. Edward Henry
  Roman J. Steichen (in absentia –deceased)
  Mother Richarda Peters, O.S.B.
1969:  Henry Borgerding
  Laura Jane Musser
  Sister Remberta Westkaemper, O.S.B.

Renaissance Award (CSB)

Established in 1999, this award aims to honor those who are successful leaders in the business community, who are working towrad the transformation – diversity, social change – of values in the 21st century, and who seek to be the agents of these changes through their business and corporate responsibilities. 


7th recipient (2005): Janet M. Dolan, President and CEO, Tennant Company
6th recipient (2004): Irving Weiser, Chairman, RBC Dain Rauscher
5th recipient (2003): Jim Campbell, Former Chairman, Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota
4th recipient (2002): James Colville, Chief Executive Officer, The Greater Twin Cities United Way
3rd recipient (2001): Marilyn Carlson Nelson, Chairman and CEO, Carlson Companies, Inc.
2nd recipient (2000): William W. George, Chairman and Former CEO, Medtronic, Inc.
1st recipient (1999): Michael Bonsignore, Chairman and CEO, Honeywell, Inc.

Yoakam Award (CSB and SJU)

The John Yoakam award, established in 2009, recognizes outstanding education and service by a faculty, staff, or monastic member on behalf of the LGBTQ+ community. The Yoakam Award is presented annually at the Multicultural Graduation (for international, LGBTQ+ and intercultural club graduates).  In 2018, that event replaced the Lavender Graduation, which honored the LGBT & Allied graduates of CSB and SJU, and at which the Yoakam Award was previously awarded. The award is named in honor of deceased Social Work professor John Yoakam (1947-2009).

      2023: Jean Keller, Professor of Philosophy and Gender Studies 
2022: Sarah Gewirtz, Social Sciences Librarian
2020-21: not Awarded
2019: Janelle Hinchley, First Year Seminar (and, previously, Social Work)
2018: Jonathan Nash, Professor of History
2017: Liam Lair, Gender Studies and First Year Seminar
2016: Eunice Antony, OSB, Saint Benedict’s Monastery Spirituality Center
2015: not awarded
2014: Andrew Dirksen, Assistant Director, Intercultural and International Student Services
2013: Ozzie Mayers, Professor of English and Gender Studies
2012: Bob Piersen, OSB, Director of Spiritual Life
2011: Sharon Toogood Froehle, CSB Development Officer (retired)
2010: Sheila Nelson, Associate Professor of Sociology
2009: John Yoakam, Associate Professor of Social Work (awarded posthumously)