Administrative Histories

Administrative Histories, 1913 – current

Academic Deans and Vice Presidents
Admissions Deans and Vice Presidents (joint with SJU since the 1980s)
Faculty Assembly Chairs
Library Directors

Presidents and Prioresses, 1913-1957*

See also Mother Benedicta Riepp 

Mother Cecilia Kapsner, Prioress 1901-1919; President 1913-1919
Mother Louise Walz, 1919-1937
Mother Rosamond Pratschner, 1937-1949
Mother Richarda Peters, 1949-1957 [She remained Prioress until 1961.]

* Note: From 1913 until 1957 the Prioress was also the President of the College.  Lists of Religious Superiors, including Prioresses, Sub-Prioresses and Mistresses of Novices until 1957 can be found in With Lamps Burning by Grace McDonald, OSB, p. 287.

CSB Presidents, 1957 to the Present

Sister Remberta Westkaemper, 1957-1961
Sister Linnea Welter, 1961-1963 President Emerita
Sister Mary Grell, 1963-1968
Dr. Stanley Idzerda, 1968-1974 President Emeritus
Dr. Beverly Miller, 1974-1979 President Emerita
Sister Emmanuel Renner, 1979-1986 President Emerita
Sister Colman O’Connell, 1986-1996 President Emerita
Dr. Mary Lyons, 1996-2003
Dr. Carol Guardo, Interim President , 2003-2004
Dr. MaryAnn Baenninger, 2004 to 2014 President Emerita 
Dr. Mary Dana Hinton, 2014-2020 President Emerita
Ms. Laurie M. Hamen, Interim President, 2020-2022
Dr. Brian Bruess, First CSB+SJU President, 2022-

CSB Academic Deans

    [Note: From 1913 until 1957, the Academic Dean was in charge of the
    day-to-day business during the years when the Prioress was also the President.]

Sister Jeannette Roesch, Directoress/Academic Dean, 1913-1925
Sister Inez Hilger, Academic Dean, 1925-1928
Sister Adelgundis Bergman, Academic Dean, 1928-1932
Sister Claire Lynch, Academic Dean, 1932-1941
Sister Incarnata Girgen, Academic Dean, 1941-1947
Sister Enid Smith, Academic Dean, 1947-1957
Sister Johanna Becker, Academic Dean, 1957-1961
Sister Firmin Escher, Academic Dean 1961-1972
    [Note: In 1972 the title of Dean changed to Vice President of Academic Affairs.
   (see below). In 1981 the office of Dean was re-established, and until 1994 there 
    was a CSB Vice President of Academic Affairs as well as an Academic Dean.
    In 1994-1995 the position of Acting Joint CSB and SJU VPAA was created, 
    a prelude to the creation of the position of CSB and SJU Provost.]

Dr. Charles Villette, Academic Dean, 1981-1985
Sister Dolores Super, Academic Dean, 1986-1994
Dr. Rita Knuesel, Academic Dean, 1994-2003
     [Note: In 2003 Dr. Knuesel was named Joint CSB and SJU Associate Provost
    as well as Joint CSB and SJU Academic Dean.  See below for CSB and SJU Academic Dean.]

CSB Vice Presidents of Academic Affairs (VPAA)

[Note change of title from Dean to VPAA.]
Sister Mary David Olheiser, VPAA, 1972-1974
Sister Katherine Howard, VPAA from 1974-1975 to 1976-1977
Sister Linda Kulzer, Acting VPAA, 1977-78 and VPAA from 1979-1980 to 1984-1985
Dr. Charles Villette, VPAA, 1985-1986 to 1993-1994
     [In 1994 the VPAA position became Joint and Acting ,
    a prelude to the creation of the position of CSB and SJU Provost.]

CSB and SJU Vice President of Academic Affairs

Dr. Joseph Friedrich, Acting CSB and SJU VPAA, 1994-1995
  [In 1995 the office of CSB and SJU Provost was created, superseding the   
  VPAA position.  Later, in 2011, the office of 
Vice Provost was established.]

CSB and SJU Provosts

Dr. Clark Hendley, CSB and SJU Provost, 1995-1996 to 1998-1999
Dr. Neal Thorburn, CSB and SJU Provost, 1999-2000 to 2000-2001
Dr. Henry Smorynski, CSB and SJU Provost, 2001-2002 to 2005-2006
Dr. Rita Knuesel, CSB and SJU Interim Provost, 2006-2007
Dr. Rita Knuesel, CSB and SJU Provost, 2007-2008 to 2014-2015
Dr. Richard Ice, CSB and SJU Interim Provost, 2015-2016
Dr. Richard Ice, CSB and SJU Provost, 2016-

CSB and SJU Vice Provosts

Dr. Joe DesJardins, CSB and SJU Vice Provost, 2011-2012 to 2013-2014
Dr. Richard Ice, CSB and SJU Vice Provost, 2013-2014 to 2014-2015

CSB and SJU Academic Deans

Dr. Rita Knuesel, Academic Dean and Associate Provost, 2003-2004 to 2005-2006
Dr. Joe DesJardins, Interim Academic Dean and Associate Provost, 2006-2007
Dr. Joe DesJardins, Associate Provost and Academic Dean, 2007-2011
Dr. Richard Ice, Academic Dean, 2011-2012 to 2013-2014
Dr. Karen Erickson, Academic Dean, 2014-2017
Dr. Cindy Malone, Associate Academic Dean, 2015-2016
Dr. Barbara May, Associate Academic Dean, 2016-2017

[Note: On December 1, 2016, Provost Richard Ice announced a restructuring of Academic Affairs.  “T he provost’s office will be restructured to include an academic dean, a dean of the faculty, and a center of academic success. Relationships between the offices will be clustered around common functions that benefit students, faculty, and staff.“]  

Dr. Barbara May, Academic Dean, 2017-2022

[In May 2022 it was announced that, to implement the new “Strong Integration” structure featuring a single CSB and SJU president,  Academic Affairs, CSB Student Development, and SJU Student Development would all be under the leadership of the Provost, and that, upon the summer 2022 departure of  Academic Dean Dr. May, two Academic Dean positions were being created: the Dean of Academic Student Engagement and the Dean of Curriculum and Assessment.  The duties of the two deans were outlined in a document “2022 AA Dean Division of Tasks Final.docx.”  In August 2022 it was announced that the Dean of Academic Student Engagement position would remain vacant for the 2022-2023 academic year. ]

CSB and SJU Dean of the Faculty

Dr. Terence Check, Dean of the Faculty, 2017-2020
Dr. Pam Bacon, Dean of the Faculty, 2020-2022
Dr. Pam Bacon, Associate Provost and Dean of the Faculty, 2020-

CSB and SJU Dean of Curriculum and Assessment

Dr. Karyl Daughters, Interim Dean of Curriculum and Assessment, 2022-2023
Dr. Karyl Daughters, Dean of Curriculum and Assessment, 2023-

CSB and SJU Dean for Student Academic Success

Mr. John Andrick, 2023-

CSB Faculty/Staff Assembly Chairs

Sister Firmin Escher, 1968-1969
Ronald Lane, 1969-1970
Angeline Dufner, 1970-1971
Sister Paula Reiten, 1971-1972
Donald Hoddecheck, 1972-1973
Sister Dunstan Plantenberg, 1973-1974
Father Euguene Connelly, 1974-1975
Sister Carol Berg, 1975-1976
Frank Wray, 1976-1977
Sister Ingrid Anderson, 1977-1978
Philip Welter, 1978-1979
Jack L. DeVine, 1979-1980
Gordon Goetemann, 1980-1981
Sister Rosina Schmitt, 1981-1982
Norma Dickau, 1982-1983
Ed Sass, 1983-1984
Chuck Rodell, 1984-1985
Sister Nancy Hynes, 1985-1986
Kathy Twohy Schmitz, 1986-1987
Sister Mary Reuter, 1987-1988
John Olson, 1988-1989
Judy Knutson, 1989-1990
Connie Reding Koeck, 1990-1991
Kay Wolsborn, 1991-1992
Richard White, 1992-1994
Wendy Klepetar, 1994-1996
Barbara Hansmeier, 1996-1998

CSB and SJU Joint Faculty Assembly Chairs

[NOTE: Throughout the 1980s the SJU Faculty Assembly and the CSB Faculty and Staff Assembly (comprised of both faculty and administrative staff) met separately, with different chairs. They began to meet in joint sessions with increasing frequency as cooperation and coordination between the two institutions increased during the 1990s. In September 1996 the CSB Faculty/Staff Assembly ceased to exist, and became the CSB Faculty Assembly. (Later, the CSB Administrative Assembly, for employees with CSB administrative staff status, was formed, patterned after the long-standing SJU Administrative Assembly.) This was so that the CSB and SJU faculty governance structures would be the same. The separate faculty assemblies, with separate chairs, met in joint sessions on alternating campuses, with the chairs presiding over the meetings on their home campus. In 1998 they elected a single chair, SJU’s Michael Livingston (the SJU Faculty Assembly Vice-Chair in 1997-1998), and, beginning with the 1998-1999 academic year, the position of Chair of the Joint Faculty Assembly began to alternate from year to year between a faculty member with a CSB contract and one with an SJU contract.]

Michael Livingston, 1998-1999
Joseph DesJardins, 1999-2000
Tom Sibley, 2000-2001
Kay Wolsborn, 2001-2002
Jennifer Galovich, 2002-2003
Jim Schnepf, 2003-2004
Phil Kronebusch, 2004-2005
John Hasselberg, 2005-2006
Richard Albares, 2006-2007
Ginny Arthur, 2007-2008
     [Note: The Joint Faculty Senate began in 2008-2009;
     the full Joint Faculty Assembly met 2-3 times a year.]

Katie Johnson, 2008-2009
David Arnott, 2009-2010
Noreen Herzfeld, 2010-2011
Anna McKenna, 2011-2012
Carie Braun 2012-2013
Pam Bacon 2013-2014
Terence Check, 2014-2015
Jean Lavigne, 2015-2016
Bob Hesse, 2016-2017
Jean Lavigne, 2017-2018
Ben Faber, 2018-2019
Kris Nairn, 2019-2020
Greg Schroeder, 2020-2021
Claire Haeg, 2021-2022
Parker Wheatley, 2022-2023
Carrie Hoover, 2023-2024

CSB Librarians

Sister Jeanette Roesch,1913-1916
Sister Olivia Eagan, 1916-1930
Mary Wolney, 1930-1933
Miss Widemeyer, 1933-1935
Glendora Bell, 1935-1938
Sister Henrita Osendorf, 1938-1943
Sister Dominica, O.S.F., 1943-1944 (September-February)
Sister Estelle Nordick, 1944 (February- June)
Sister Conchessa Keegan, 1944-1960
Sister Imogene Blatz, 1960-1969
                                        1969-1973 (Director of CSB and SJU Libraries)
Charles Schaffer, 1974-1977 (Librarian/Director of CSB Library)
Ronald Frederick, 1977-1980 (Librarian/Director of CSB Library)

CSB and SJU Libraries Director

Michael Kathmann, 1980-2006 (Librarian/Director of CSB and SJU Libraries and Media)
Kathleen Parker, 2006-2023 (Director of the CSB and SJU Libraries, Media and Archives)
Gretchen Trkay, 2023-   (Director of the CSB and SJU Libraries and Archives)