Mayhew Report: Appendix D

Appendix D
Loyola University of Los Angeles
Office of the President
December 27, 1967

Introductory Statement

On April 4, 1967 Loyola University of Los Angeles and Marymount College announced their creation of a new university affiliation for Southern California, LOYOLA-MARYMOUNT, LOS ANGELES, INCORPORTATED.

By this act Loyola and Marymount become autonomous partners, sharing and interacting to a substantial degree in their Colleges of Arts and Sciences with both Faculties and curricular offerings and programs, and campus wide in physical plant facilities and administrative support structures.

The affiliation will become wholly affective in September 1968 when Marymount Colleges moves to the Loyola University Campus.
The essential premise of the affiliation is that all resources of each institution by cooperation complement and complete the programs of the two institutions. In the area of student personnel services, for example, existing Loyola programs in counseling and guidance, placement, athletics, and health services will be extended to include the student body of Marymount College and will be strengthened by the infusion of Marymount personnel.

The question of whether two administrative activities merge or remain separate departments depends on whether or not they have a policy function or a service function. For example, there will be on office, secretarial and clerical staff servicing the needs of the Admissions function; however, there will be a Director of Admissions for each institution.

On the academic level all male students enrolled in the Arts and Sciences will be Loyal University Students; all female, Marymount College students. In the two colleges of arts and sciences, any student from either institution may take any course at the other institution, qualified only by normal academic prerequisites. The two curricula have been aligned so that they complement each other completely. Following is a table of the new departmental program offerings of the Loyola College of Arts and Sciences alone, of Marymount College, alone, and of coordinate departments where each school will retain the department but coordinate its program with the other:

December 27, 1967

Introductory Statement                               

Loyola Departments Marymount Departments Coordinate Departments
Biology Art-Art History English
Chemistry Theatre Arts History
Communication Arts Music Psychology
Economics French Modern Language
Latin (Classics) Spanish
Mathematics Elementary Education
Political Science
Secondary Education

Generally, the affiliation mode has been entered into to provide the following:

  1. Economies and increased efficiency in the administration of Loyola and Marymount’s educational programs;
  2. Increased utilization of all facilities on the coordinate campus;
  3. A greater range of student services for both institutions;
  4. A greater breadth of curricular offerings available to the students of each institution and;

The maintaining of an essentially male-oriented system of education (Jesuit) with the female-oriented (Marymount) to satisfy the individual and unique needs of maturing men and maturing women.