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**Buildings named for individual Sisters are identified below, with links to more information about each Sister.

See Buildings at the College of Saint Benedict for the history and historical photos of each building.

  1. Main Building
    Teresa Reception Center, South Lawn
  2. College Avenue Apartments
  3. Main Convent (Monastery)
  4. Sacred Heart Chapel (Monastery)
  5. Art and Heritage Place (Monastery)
  6. Schoenecker Commons
  7. Saint Wendelin Hall
  8. Mary Hall Commons
    Bookstore, Information Desk, Student Mail Boxes, Campus Security
  9. Aurora Hall
  10. Regina Hall
  11. Corona Hall
  12. West Apartments
    , , , , , ,
  13. Lottie & Frank J. Ardolf Jr. Hall
  14. Health Center
  15. Campus Recreation Fields
    Intramurals, Rugby, Soccer, Softball, Ultimate Frisbee
  16. Tennis Courts
  17. Maintenance/Transportation Building

  18. , , Gallery Lounge, Gorecki Family Theater, Gorecki Gallery, Sandra & Steven’s Courtyard Garden
  19. Gorecki Center
  20. Clemens Library
  21. Ardolf Science Center
  22. Academic Services Building

  23. Haehn Campus Center
    , Clemens Field House, Alumnae Hall, McGlynn’s,
  24. East Apartments
    , , ,
  25. Centennial Commons Townhomes
    Townhomes: , , and ; Idzerda Community Center
  26. CSB’s Outdoor Athletics Complex
    Including the

  27. The President’s Residence


Brian Hall Named For Brian Spain, OSB (1925-2009)

Brian Spain

Sister Brian Spain was an Instructor of Elementary Education at the College of Saint Benedict, as well as an instructor at the St. Joseph Lab School. She later served as Student Development Facilitator 1976-1980, Staff Resident 1980-1982, Residence Staff Coordinator 1982-1984, when she was influential in the personal development of many students. More Information


Benedicta Arts Center Named For Benedicta Riepp, OSB (1825-1862)

Mother Benedicta Riepp is the founder of Benedictine Sisters in North America. Born in Bavaria, Germany, Mother Benedicta and two companion Sisters came to St. Marys, Pennsylvania, in 1852 to teach children of German immigrants. From that first convent, the Sisters went on to found communities in Erie, PA; Newark, NJ; and Saint Cloud, MN in 1857. The Saint Cloud community relocated to Saint Joseph in 1869, where the Sisters of the Order of Saint Benedict continue to live today. Benedicta Riepp died of tuberculosis in 1862. She is buried in the Sisters’ cemetery adjacent to campus. Portrait by Sister Thomas Carey, OSB. More Information


Colman Theater Named For Colman O’Connell, OSB (1927-2017)

Colman O’Connell

Sister Colman O’Connell was the 11th president at the College of Saint Benedict, serving two five-year terms from 1986 through 1996. Before then she taught in CSB’s theater and dance department, including a long tenure as department chair from 1954-1974. Among her many accomplishments were the development of the coordinate relationship with Saint John’s University. More Information


Escher Auditorium Named For Firmin Escher, OSB (1915-2009)

Firmin Escher

Sister Firmin Escher made significant contributions to the College of Saint Benedict as Dean of College 1961-1972, and Dean of Planning and Program Development 1973-1977 as well as service on the CSB Board of Trustees. She is especially remembered for her musicianship: She taught violin and other music courses, conducted an orchestra, founded the Campus Singers, produced operas and was music department chairperson. More Information


Dominica Named For Dominica Borgerding, OSB (1868-1957)

Dominica Borgerding

Sister Dominica Borgerding was one of the founders of the College of Saint Benedict, serving as a Directress first of Saint Benedict’s Academy and then the College as well from 1909 to 1918. She held several other positions at the College, including Instructor, Head of Fine Arts, and Librarian. She is especially remembered for her gift for theater. More Information


Claire Lynch Hall/Haehn Campus Center Named For Claire Lynch, OSB (1898-1995)

Claire Lynch

Sister Claire Lynch was Dean of the College at Saint Benedict’s from 1932 to 1941. She also served as an instructor of History, Philosophy and Political Science. Sister Claire is a pivotal figure in the history of CSB. She succeeded in securing accreditation for the College in 1933, and admitted the first African American students in 1938. More Information


Gable West Apartments Named For Mariells Gable, OSB (1898-1985)

Mariells Gable

Sister Mariella Gable was a significant figure in the history of St. Benedict’s, where she served as an English professor. At one point in her career she was banished from the campus for four years by the local bishop for allowing the inclusion of A Catcher in the Rye on a suggested reading list for S. Kristin Malloy’s course in contemporary American literature. Well known as a scholar of literature, her correspondents included Flannery O’Connor and Ernest Hemingway. CSB’s Literary Arts Institute awards an annual literature prize named in her honor. More Information


Girgen West Apartments Named For Incarnata Girgen, OSB (1899-1985)

Incarnata Girgen

Sister Incarnata Girgen had a long history with the College of Saint Benedict, serving as Dean from 1941-1947, and as a faculty member in departments of History, Education, Philosophy and Psychology. Sister Incarnata is the author of Behind the Beginnings, a history of Benedictine women in Minnesota. More Information


Henrita Academic Building Named For Henrita Osendorf, OSB (1906-1992)

Henrita Osendorf

Sister Henrita Osendorf was an early librarian at the College of Saint Benedict, serving in that role from 1938-1943. She went on to become novice director, and then Prioress of Saint Benedict’s Monastery. In addition, she was a member of the Board of Trustees for two decades, from 1961 to 1981. More Information


Luetmer East Apartments Named For Nora Luetmer, OSB (1921-1974)

Nora Luetmer

Sister Nora Luetmer was a member of the CSB Board of Trustees during a period of expansion for the College, from 1969-1974. She was chair of the Board at the time of her death in 1974. In addition to her work at the College, she was a teacher and administrator in Saint Cloud Diocese. More Information


McDonald East Apartments Named For Grace McDonald, OSB (1887-1963)

Grace McDonald

One of the founders of the College of Saint Benedict, Sister Grace McDonald taught History and other social sciences. She is particularly remembered for her research on the history of the Sisters of the Order of Saint Benedict, published in her work With Lamps Burning. She is considered the first community archivist (from 1933-1963) because of her work as a collector, research and writer. More Information


Murray Hall Named For Mary Patrick Murray, OSB (1915-1995)

Mary Patrick Murray

Sister Mary Pat served the College in many capacities, among them instructor in business, education and Latin courses, Board of Trustees member, and, from 1953-1960, Dean of Students. She is particularly remembered for programs that brought different generations together at CSB. More Information


Renner House Named For Emmanuel Renner, OSB (1926- )

Emmanuel Renner

Sister Emmanuel Renner is Professor Emerita of History as well as President Emerita. She taught in the History department from 1958 to 1979, and was president of the College from 1979 to 1986. To serve a growing student body, a gym, library, and another dormitory were added to the campus under her leadership. Sister Emmanuel also oversaw and planned the CSB/SJU joint core curriculum so that CSB/SJU students got the best and well-rounded liberal arts education during their undergraduate studies. More Information


Richarda Hall Named For Richarda Peters, OSB (1895-1972)

Richarda Peters

Mother Richarda Peters was Prioress of Saint Benedict’s Monastery from 1949 to 1961. She simultaneously served as President of the College from 1956 to 1958. After she appointed a committee to raise funds for a new dormitory in 1956, both Mary Commons and Aurora Hall were completed, the first expansion of the campus outside of the historic Main Building. More Information


Schumacher West Apartments Named For Irmalin Schumacher, OSB (1888-1986)

Irmalin Schumacher

One of the founders of CSB, Sister Irma Schumacher was a language instructor and head of the languages department at the College of Saint Benedict from its earliest years in 1916 through 1964. In addition to decades of teaching Latin at the College, she also taught Latin prayers to new members of the Monastery community. More Information


Smith West Apartments Named For Enid Smith, OSB (1908-2007)

Enid Smith

Sister Enid Smith taught philosophy at the College of Saint Benedict for over thirty years, beginning in 1941. She also served ten years as Dean of the College. She is remembered for her commitment to women’s rights, especially within the Catholic Church. More Information


Sohler West Apartments Named For Rogatia Sohler, OSB (1902-1992)

Rogatia Sohler

Sister Rogatia Sohler taught chemistry at CSB for forty years. She received several NSF grants to pursue research in nuclear energy. She put her science literacy to good use in creating herbal tinctures and wines in retirement. More Information


Wirth East Apartments Named For Magna Wirth, OSB (1885-1960)

Magna Wirth

Sister Magna Werth was Head of Physical Sciences and Math, Instructor of Chemistry, Instructor in Secondary Education, and Instructor of Physics at CSB for more than forty years. She was the first woman to receive a PhD in Physics from the University of Minnesota. Sister Magna was known for creating rigorous laboratory experience for her science students. More Information


Westkaemper West Apartments Named For Remberta Westkaemper, OSB (1890-1988)

Remberta Westkaemper

First full-time President of CSB from 1957-1961, Sister Remberta Westkaemper was a botanist who served as department chair and instructor in Biology for the College. While she made many contributions to the development of CSB, she is most warmly remembered as a plant collector who loved to take students on field trips. Her plant collections are now included with the University of Minnesota Herbarium holdings, and at the Bailey Herbarium at SJU. More Information


Zierden East Apartments Named For Alfreda Zierden, OSB (1895-1991)

Alfreda Zierden

Sister Alfreda Zierden was a German instructor at the College of Saint Benedict. In addition to devoting over 40 years to teaching, she played an important role in guiding students’ spiritual growth as well. She is remembered for preparing the ceremony consecrating Sacred Heart Chapel in 1943. More Information


Margretta Hall Named For Margretta Nathe, OSB (1913-2007)

Margretta Nathe

Sister Margretta Nathe is credited with starting the study abroad program for CSB. She taught many diverse subjects at the College, including Chaucer, German, Theology and Ethics. A multi-talented woman, she also served as Dean of Women, Alumnae Association secretary, and many other roles. She is remembered for warm relationships with students and fierce loyalty to St Benedict’s athletics. More Information


Institute for Women’s Leadership (Haehn Campus Center) Named For Nancy Hynes, OSB (1933-2008)

Nancy Hynes

Sister Nancy Hynes was known for her scholarship and activism related to women’s concerns. In addition many years teaching in the English Department at CSB, she also put her facility with words to good use as Director of Public Information and Director of Alumnae and Parent Relations. More Information


O’Connell’s Named For Colman O’Connell, OSB (1927-2017)

Colman O’Connell

Sister Colman O’Connell was the 11th president at the College of Saint Benedict, serving two five-year terms from 1986 through 1996. Before then she taught in CSB’s theater and dance department, including a long tenure as department chair from 1954-1974. Among her many accomplishments were the development of the coordinate relationship with Saint John’s University. More Information


Kapsner Apartments Named For Cecilia Kapsner, OSB (1859-1952)

Cecilia Kapsner

A Prioress of Saint Benedict’s Monastery, Mother Cecilia Kapsner was the first President of the College of Saint Benedict at its establishment in 1913. Sister Cecilia was an immigrant from Dambrau, Prussia who was a gifted leader. Under her guidance the monastery and college facilities grew substantially, including the building of Sacred Heart Chapel and Teresa Hall, an expansion of the Main Building. More Information


Olheiser Apartments Named For Mary David Olheiser, OSB (1918-2012)

Mary David Olheiser

Sister Mary David was a prodigious scholar whose studies included two master’s degrees in education and psychology, and three additional graduate degrees in church administration and canon law. She was the founding chair of CSB’s Elementary Education department and served as the first vice president of Academic Affairs. More Information


Wagner Apartments Named For Mary Anthony Wagner, OSB (1916-2002)

Mary Anthony Wagner

Sister Mary Anthony Wagner was a leader in theology education at CSB. She was one of the first women to earn a doctoral degree in theology and initiated a graduate program in theology, the Benedictine Institute of Sacred Theology, which evolved into the School of Theology-Seminary at Saint John’s University. A multi-talented scholar, Sister Mary Anthony also taught Biology, Education and Philosophy for CSB. More Information


Wedl Apartments Named For Lois Wedl, OSB (1931- )

Lois Wedl

Known as the #1 St Benedict’s sports fan, Sister Lois Wedl received an M.Ed. and a PhD from Ohio University, and went on to serve for 25 years as a professor in the Education Department at CSB/SJU. She was a familiar warm contact between the monastery and college for many students as Margretta Hall residence director. More Information

Lots 1, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12 (Overnight Admission Guest), 16
Student Parking: Lots 2, 4, 6, 7, 9, 11, 12, 13, 15, 16, 17
Employees: Lots 1, 3, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16

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