Johanna Becker OSB Collection

About Sister Johanna Becker 

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Box 1 Art of England and France
                Sites in Ireland
                Sites in England

Box 2 Art of Spain and Portugal
                Spanish Historical Chronology and Art, 20,000 B.C to 1931 A.D.
                Spanish History & General Information on Their Contribution to the Arts
                Major Artists of Spain
                Selected Art Sites of Spain

Box 3 Art of France
                Essays on News Information on French Art
                Background on French Art
                General Information on French Art
                Tour Guides on France

Box 4 Asian Art and Art of India
                Asian Ceramics, 3000 BC to 19 th Century AD
                Asian Art in General
                Islamic Art
                Historic Period of the Art of India
                Lectures on the Art of India by Sister Johanna Becker

Box 5 Art of China
                Art of China 600,000 BC to 1949
                Prehistoric China
                Art of Chnia, 2200-1776
                Chronology of China
                Sister Johanna Becker’s Note on Chinese Art
                Lists of Art in China, Japan, Thailand, Cambodia, Burma, Korea, Iran, and Spain  

Box 6 Art of Japan
                Art of Japan 500,000 BC to 1945 AD
                A Chronological Outline of Japanese Arts
                Essays from the Japan Society Newsletter on Culture of Japan
                Japanese Films

Box 7 Japanese Karatsu
                The Karatsu Ceramics of Japan: Origins, Fabrications, and Types: Volume 1, by Sister Johanna Becker, 1974
                The Karatsu Ceramics of Japan: Origins, Fabrications, and Types: Volume 2, by Sister Johanna Becker, 1974

Box 8 Japanese Karatsu
                The Karatsu Ceramics: Origins, Fabrications, and Types, Volume II, Sister Johanna Becker, 1974
                The History of Japanese Art, Robert Moes, [nd]
                S. Johanna’s Photos Part 1
                S. Johanna’s Photos Part 2/2

Box 9 Asian Ceramics, Calligraphy, and Artistic Anatomy
                American Architecture
                Mexico and South America
                Historic Development of Ceramics
                Historic Art Styles
                Artistic Anatomy
                Asian Ceramics

Box 10 “History of Eastern Art,” by Sherman Lee
                Art of India
                Art of Asia
                Tantra Art, Sherman Lee [nd]

Box 11 Art of Prehistoric Man to the 18 th Century
                Art: Prehistoric to 17 AD, China, Japan, India, Thailand, Cambodia, Burma, Korea, and Iran
                Art treasures of Prehistoric Man, Mexico
                Hellenic Art, 3000 BC to 1100 BC
                Tigris-Euphrates Valley
                Ancient Italic Arts: Roman
                Sassanidenreich: Persian Empire, 224-651 AD
                Byzantine Art
                Medieval Christian Art 6 th to 12 th Century
                Gothic Art, Johanna Becker’s List
                Christian Art of the Middle Ages, 350-1400 AD
                Renaissance Art 13-16th Centuries
                Baroque Painters: Italy and Germany
                European Art 18th-21st Centuries

Box 12 Richard Bresnahan, the Johanna Kiln, etc.
                The Blessing of the Johanna Becker Kiln, October 12, 1994
                Richard Bresnahan
                Richard Bresnahan: Master Potter
                Correspondence of Richard and Sister Johanna Becker
                Faculty Wives Events, 1979-1981
                Jim Hendershot