Access Policies

Both internal members of the CSB community, as well as outside visitors, are encouraged to use the College of Saint Benedict Archives for their research needs. However, the Archives is a work in progress with few collections available for use, and run by a small staff, therefore access is limited. Finding aids for the collections and accessions available for study are found on the Finding Aids Table of Contents page. Every effort will be made to assist users in person or via phone, email and mail, but, as all requests for materials require preliminary preparation, please contact the CSB Archives in advance. Researchers using the physical Archives spaces are asked to make an appointment. Contact information as well as the hours the Archives are open is found on the About the Archives page.

The use of certain records are restricted by law, by reason of their origin or for private materials, by the donor. The CSB Archives reserves the right to restrict the use of records that are not processed, materials containing confidential or sensitive information or records that are of exceptional value or are fragile.

General Rules

  1. Researchers must establish their identity.
  2. All wraps, briefcases, portfolios, handbags, envelopes, notebooks, and all items except materials needed for research purposes must be left at the designated area.
  3. The stacks are “closed stacks”.
    1. The Archivist will bring the materials requested to the search room.
    2. Materials are generally not removed from the archives.
    3. All materials must be returned to the attendant when the researcher leaves the search room.
  4. The researchers are responsible for the safeguarding of any materials made available to them; they may be asked to acknowledge in writing the receipt of all materials used.
    1. Care must be exercised to maintain the established order and arrangement of the papers.
    2. Notes may be taken with pencil or typewriter or computer; the use of carbon, erasers, or any kind of pen is prohibited.
    3. Archival materials are not to be leaned on, written on, traced or handled in any way likely to damage them.
    4. Food, beverages, and smoking are prohibited in the archives.

Internal Access

The records of the College of Saint Benedict are generally available to any staff member who needs access to accomplish his/her official duties to the College. Specific staff members of the office of origin will have unlimited access, while others may need the permission of the Archivist, the office of origin, or the CSB President’s Office for use of certain records.

Records which are protected by law are only accessible to specific staff members from the office of origin or by special permission of the President. These include all forms of personnel and student records.

External Access

Advance appointments are required of visitors to the CSB Archives.

Requests for information require a pre-appointment phone or email interview to determine if the Archives contains the materials being sought. Referrals to other area archives may be necessary. Researchers must also reveal their identity and affiliation, as well as their intentions for use of the information. All materials quoted must be properly footnoted or otherwise identified.

Access to the College of Saint Benedict records is by approval of the originating department.

Photocopying and Scanning

Photocopying or scanning of certain archival material is permitted with prior approval of the Archivist and provided that copyright guidelines are followed. The number of photocopies may be limited. Photocopies cost 25 cents (coin, cash, and checks are accepted).  Scans are generally free if the number is small.

Photocopies or scans may not be reduplicated or deposited elsewhere without the prior written consent of the Archivist. Supplying a photocopy or scan is not an authorization to publish. A reasonable amount of material may be duplicated when this can be done without injury to the records and when it does not violate laws of libel or copyright restrictions.