Blessing for Kickoff

by S. Michaela Hedican

Kick OffGreetings and blessings are extended to you President Baenninger, to the Board of Trustees, to the administration, past and present, faculty, staff and all of our alums on this great day of the centennial kickoff celebration.  The love of learning and the desire for God have long been hallmarks of the Benedictine tradition. The vision our foremothers had as they began the College of Saint Benedict 100 hundred years ago stands as a witness to their dedication to the 1500 year heritage they sought to hand on. Could they, or any of our Sisters who have been a part of the college, have imagined what the College has become and they varied ways you have carried on that love of learning, desire for God and the ways you have come to serve the world!

Over the centuries the torch has represented the contribution of Benedictine monastics who kept learning and culture alive by teaching and by painstakingly copying and preserving ancient books and manuscripts.  The torch became a symbol for passing on the Benedictine values of culture and learning to future generations, as reflected in the College of Saint Benedict's motto, "So Let Your Light Shine".

On this, your centennial celebration, the Sisters of the Order of Saint Benedict gift you with one of the stain glass windows installed in our chapel in 1958. Sister Jacquelyn Dubay and Max Ingrand from Paris, France designed the window; the Karl Hackert Studio in Chicago Illinois executed the design.  It depicts the torch of learning and it holds the prayers of all those Sisters who gathered over the years to pray for you, your families, for the success of the College, for you to live the Benedictine values we treasure.  May this year of centennial celebrations be blessed in every way for you.  And may you continue to let your light shine as you  pass on to future generations the Benedictine torch symbolizing the love of learning and the desire for God.