Vital Signs of Improvement


  1. Single-patient rooms will be adjacent to observation rooms with two-way mirrors. Observation rooms will allow faculty and other students to reflect and respond to simulations without interfering with the SIM. These rooms also allow students who complete SIMS to meet with their faculty members immediately to review video footage of the SIM. This affords meaningful reflection on the quality of the care they provided during the SIM.
  2. The addition of space will allow for the creation of themed simulation rooms that closely reflect true specialized care environments of today. These include critical care, home care, and pediatric care, among others.
  3. To mirror a true medical environment, technology upgrades will allow nursing students to monitor real-time vitals on their patients while still giving them access to essential patient records and treatment information. This is accomplished through the addition of multiple interconnected computer portals.
  4. Secure storage space will allow the nursing department to protect its precious, costly resources. These resources include electronic equipment, high-tech mannequinns, and basic supplies like gloves, gauze, and stethoscopes.