CSB Digi-Mag Summer 2010

Feature Stories

Keeping it Real 

Nursing is about more than completing tasks. An IV here. A temp reading there. Nursing is the intersection of understanding a person as more than their symptoms and providing the best care as a result. Grounded in a rich tradition of values and liberal arts, the CSB/SJU nursing program teaches students to keep it real and be ready for anything. Read more and watch a SIM.



Prescription for Success

The nursing department has been housed on the 4th floor of the Main Building since the early 1970s. Since then, one remodeling project was completed in 1984, but the total learning space remained approximately 1600 square feet since the program's inception. Our knowledge of how to promote effective learning in the simulation laboratory has exponentially outgrown our current facilities. In short, the existing nursing facilities are at the end of their useful life. Read what the chair of the nursing department has to say about it. See proposed renovation.


"I'm a Bennie"

"People often cannot comprehend our business model of donating 50% of profits in such tough economic times," says Krista Ceary Carroll '00. "It is when we show them the results of what their print job has provided for the people of Haiti that they really get it." Learn more about the inspiring business run by Krista and her husband, Jeremy.