CSB Digi-Mag Winter 2010

Emily Holt '02

Emily Holt '02 unearths history

"If you ever find yourself wondering why you're
spending your Fulbright year huddled in an unheated
casetta in a town of 650 people on an island that Italy mostly
tries to ignore, read The Golden Marshalltown.
You come away believing that freezing in the middle of
nowhere is part of belonging to a privileged group of
people called archaeologists."

Emily is an archaeologist who has spent much of the last year excavating nuraghi towers of the middle bronze age in Sardinia. Read excerpts as a PDF from her journal.


Saving Lives One Stitch at a Time

It almost seems too simple: a skein of wool saving a life. For women of Nepal, beaten down by a complex and consuming social status, wool is a welcome reality. The wool -- and a new outlook on life -- is provided by Padhma Creations, a social enterprise founded by Kesang Yudron '08, a Saint Ben's accounting major.

Learn more online about Padhma Creations.



Deploying the Elusive Image

The first sentence of the book - actually it's on the cover - is "This is not a book." If one wants to know why one is then purchasing it from the book section of Barnes and Noble, the answer is that it is an invitation to families and friends to explore the nature of memory, the nature of how war is experienced by individuals, mass culture's habit of using the camera as prosthesis, and how a visual narrative can lead to healing. Learn more about Saint Ben's alumna Monica Haller and SJU alumni Riley Sharbonno.