Carliene Quist '07

Alumna puts Hispanic Studies degree to work for CSB/SJU Admission

Carliene QuistCSB alumna Carliene Quist ’07, says that CSB/SJU empowered her to live and work in a faraway land. For nearly a decade, Carliene called the US/Mexico border home. After those years, she says it was time to come home to Minnesota – and work for the school that has given her so many opportunities.

“Admission work allows me to develop relationships with students and families through one of the most important decisions that they will make in their young adult lives, and to work for greater access and diversity in higher education for all students,” said Carliene.

Carliene is now one of two members of the admission staff who are fluent in Spanish. She works with students in Minnesota as well as in Texas – primarily Dallas and Houston – in schools predominantly comprising Hispanic/Latinx students. While students speak English or are bilingual, many parents speak Spanish, and Carliene notes that the ability to communicate with them throughout the entire college admission process is invaluable, especially when they have little or no experience with higher education.

“The Latino/Latin American Studies concentration paired with Hispanic Studies helped prepare me to work with Hispanic families and communities, understanding important elements of culture for more effective communication and relationship building,” Carliene added. 

Immediately following graduation, Carliene completed a Fulbright Fellowship in domestic violence prevention in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. She then earned a Master of Social Work degree at the University of Texas at El Paso and worked with children and families in school and community settings.

Carliene believes there is an element of social work in admission, as she guide students in discerning the best fit for them. It’s a fit that has worked well for her.