2018 Reunion Award Winners

Award Descriptions and Past Reunion Awards Recipients

The CSB Alumnae Board, on behalf of College of Saint Benedict, presents Reunion Awards to outstanding alumnae from reunion years whose daily lives reflect and honor the Benedictine tradition and mission of our alma mater. Nominations are accepted each year. For more information regarding the nomination process, please contact the Alumnae Relations Office.

Reunion 2018 Award Winners

Colette Peters

Colette Peters ‘93

Distinguished Alumna Award honors an alumna who has distinguished herself for outstanding achievements in her chosen profession and has made a lasting contribution in her field as a role model and leader for all alumnae.

Alumna Profile: As Director of the state of Oregon’s Department of Corrections, Colette Peters ’93 sits at the helm of a $1.8 billion organization with 4,700 employees. There are more than 14,700 adults in the department’s active custody, plus tens of thousands more individuals on probation, parole and post-prison supervision. It’s a big job. Colette is the first woman in Oregon’s history to hold the director title, and she’s one of just a few women in the same role nationwide.  [Read full profile]

Kate Ritger

Kate Ritger ‘03

Benedictine Service Award honors an alumna who has made a significant impact on those around her for her continued commitment and contributions to community service and social justice at a regional, national or international level. Also demonstrates a commitment to the Benedictine spirit of giving hospitality, love of others, listening and social stewardship.

Alumna Profile: By all accounts, Kate Ritger ’03 is a solo entrepreneur of the highest order. All accounts, that is, except perhaps her own. Kate isn’t falsely modest. Instead, she’s quick to acknowledge that her business ventures don’t exist in a vacuum. “The only reason the work I do succeeds is because there are people in the community who respond to it, receive it, accept it and choose to be part of it,” she says.  [Read full profile]

Molly Roske

Molly Roske ‘08

Decade Award honors an alumna who is recognized by her peers as a great role model and leader for younger alumnae because her outstanding career achievements, representing global consciousness and community involvement in her chosen profession.

Alumna Profile: When it came to leaving home to attend college, Molly Roske ’08 didn’t have very far to go. She’s from Collegeville, Minnesota, and says she grew up “in awe of the intellectual and monastic communities” at Saint Ben’s and Saint John’s. After considering “more far-flung” options for school, she ultimately opted for the awe-inspiring place at her doorstep.  [Read full profile]

Judith Gretsch Schmid

Judith Gretsch Schmid ‘63

Sister Emmanuel Renner Award honors an alumna for her service to the College of Saint Benedict and recognizes her contributions as a leader, steward and volunteer to her alma mater.

Alumna Profile: The S. Emmanuel Renner Service Award is not bestowed every year; instead, it’s reserved for those individuals who have gone far above and beyond with exceptional service to Saint Ben’s. It is appropriate, on many levels, that we honor Judith Gretsch Schmid ’63 with an award as inimitable as its namesake.  [Read full profile]

2019 Reunion Award Nominations

Reunion 2019 will be here in no time, and we want to honor the remarkable successes of alumnae from class years ending in 4 and 9. These Reunion Awards recognize women whose daily lives reflect and honor the Benedictine ideals and mission of CSB.

To be considered, nominees must be:

  • From a class year ending in "4" or "9"
  • A living College of Saint Benedict alumna
  • Nominated by someone other than herself

To suggest a deserving Bennie, please click the button below. If you have questions, please contact Amy Worobel-Anderson at [email protected] or 320-363-5233.

2019 Reunion Award Nomination Form