FY11 YAPC Honor Roll

Thank you to our inaugural class of the Young Alumnae President's Circle! June 30th marked the end of the first year of the YAPC. We are proud to count 105 Bennies as founding members.  Together they contributed over $39,000 in FY11 to those Bennies who follow in their footsteps. The below honor roll references gifts made in Fiscal Years 2011 which ran July 1, 2010 - June 30, 2011. To count yourself among this group of woman, make a YAPC gift before our the end of our next fiscal year ends on June 30th.

Class of 2011
Anna Burgason
Emily Dobesh
Maddy Dragich
Alison Gresback
Anna Hoeschen
Katherine Kenefick
Kate Sand
Jenny Schwope

Class of 2010
Karley Ann Abrahamson
Kathryn Tri Benson
Hayley Marie Berrisford
Heather Rose Cederholm
Alexandra P. Chapman
Sarah Elizabeth Dayton
Tiffany Aileen De Leon
Allison Anne Garrity
Heidi Elaine Golliet
Lauren Elise Gooley
Anne Theresa Hylden
Emma Jaynes Keeler
Theresa Kathleen Kerr
Hannah Marie Lammer
Nicole Lynn Magedanz
Hadley Allaben McIntosh
Emily Ann Miller
Katie Andriette Million
Kalene Marie Morris
Lauren Brianne Neal
Clare Maureen Nolan
Kristine Mary Omann
Joy Joanne Pohland
Kaitlyn R. Rieb
Stephanie Roe
Anna Rose Schumacher
Megan Nicole Sinner
Ashley Ann Ver Burg
Chelsea E. Wilson

Class of 2009
Mackenzie Anne Belcher
Rebecca Lynn Carey
Jamie Marie Eskuri
Mary Patricia King
Megan Nicole Litz
Meghan Sue Lynch
Molly Ann Maxbauer
Charlotte Ann McGuire
Sarah Elizabeth Moore
Sarah Ann Pokorny
Nicole Danielle Sand
Jaime Christine Streine
Laura Ngozi Ubani
Megan Marie Vetsch

Class of 2008
Emily Anna Coborn
Gretchen M. Enninga
Jenna Elizabeth Gebeke
Katherine Claire Harlander-Locke
Nicole Theresa Kasper
Elizabeth Sturlaugson Kohlhof
Laura Nicole Powers
Shannon Kerry Senn
Bridget Eleanor Sitzer
Elizabeth Rose Woell

Class of 2007
Alina Balonuskova
Bethany Sieren Bauer
Amy Marie Canfield
Emily Tohal Chaphalkar
Michelle Marie Crea
Jessica Rose Scherer

Class of 2006
Abby Christine Campbell
Megan Sand Carr
Emily Cook-Lundgren
Heidi Abfalter Demarais
Caitlin Jean Ebbets
Nicole Ryane Eicher
Erin Oberton Gervais
Tamara Jo Hoese
Alice Meacham
Brittany Mrozek Schou
Jacquelyn Lee Stevens

Class of 2005
Rachel Mogenson Esbjornsson
Lauren Marie Germscheid
Christina Marie Hylden
Christina Jessica Valdez
Meghann Green Witchger

Class of 2004
Shannon Mara Coen
Gina Fasching Danielson

Class of 2003
Emily Drake Bauer
Angela MacDonald Marsh

Class of 2002
Shelley Saewert Egan
Melissa Perkins Glancy
Christina Schochow Greazel
Andrea Hunz-Halliday
Sarah Halverson Jansen

Class of 2001
Laura Yokiel Helferich
Catherine Marvin Kirchner
Lindsay Marie Schwab

Class of 2000
Alicia Foulk Fisher
Gretchen Adelmann Korf
Deirdre McCarrell Otis

Class of 1999
Kathleen Elizabeth Keane
Kathleen Mary Mayer

Class of 1998
Jodi Friedrich Berndt
Sarah Fyre DeLong
Nicole Kroetsch Leimer

Class of 1997
Anna Signorelli McNanley
Mary Casey Rah

Class of 1996

{Don't see your name on the list? Contact Heather Pieper-Olson at 320.363.5964 or [email protected] to make a gift today!}