Taylor K.


I remember coming to Saint Ben's as a little girl to visit my cousins with my mom, and we would always have lunch at Bo Diddley's Deli.  I treasured the campus at Saint Ben's because I looked up to my cousins and they loved this place, so, of course, I did too.  However, I never considered coming here for college because I wanted to be different.  I wanted to go to a college where none of my family had gone before, and I wanted to start my own legacy. 

The summer before my senior year of high school, I toured many different colleges, but none of them felt like home. I felt frustrated and confused.  As much as I loved different parts of various campuses, I still did not get that butterfly effect.  It was not until the end of August that my mom told me I should really look at Saint Ben's.  She knew I wanted to be different than my cousins, but she told me I should give it a try.

The day of my tour is still very clear in my head.  As I walked around campus with my mom and the tour guide, I finally got that butterfly feeling! I felt confident and right at home.  It was a feeling that words cannot fully describe.  I have always loved this beautiful campus, but it was in that moment I knew the College of Saint Benedict was the college for me.

I applied to Saint Ben's as soon as I could.  When I got my acceptance letter, I literally jumped for joy around our kitchen and dining room.  Both of my parents did not want me to get my heart set on this place without doing an overnight.  However, the overnight just made me love CSB even more. When my parents came to pick me up, I was practically bouncing off the walls.  I told them I knew it was the one.  It had all the traits I was looking for: a small, private college that was less than an hour away from home.  I did not want to be far from my family, especially my four-year old brother whom I am very close with. 

Coming to Saint Ben's has been the best decision I have ever made! I have been able to grow in this loving community.  Every aspect of this campus has stolen my heart.  Here at CSB, I am involved in a variety of activities. I play on the CSB tennis team and I am looking forward to our spring season.  I volunteer at Kennedy Kidstop through Service Learning and I have adored every minute of it.  I am a part of Students for Life, Companions on a Journey, intermural volleyball, and Benedictine Friends.  Sister Stephanie is my Benedictine Friend and she is such a kindred spirit. I just love her energy! My roommate is like my other half.  We like to drink lots of tea and coffee, listen to piano music, and watch the tv show "Friends" for fun! I whole-heartedly love this place and it is my home. I could not imagine my life anywhere else and I am blessed to be a part of the CSB family.

Taylor K. '18 | Osakis, Minn.


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