Taylor B.

When looking for the right college for me, I had a long checklist. I wanted a Catholic school that had strong academics, study abroad programs, active dorm life and the list went on and on. I had visited a few other colleges before coming to Saint Ben's and nothing had really stood out to me. I was waiting for that "ah-ha" moment that people talked about when you realize which school you want to attend.

When I visited Saint Ben's I finally felt that overwhelming feeling that this is where I could fit in. Many schools have academic programs but the thing that makes CSB so unique is its community dynamic. Everyone seemed so warm and inviting.

I distinctly remember a random teacher coming up to me and he asked if I was a prospective student on a tour. I replied yes and he said "Please come here! We love our students and you'll love it too!" That's when I realized that this was not like any college I had visited. Teachers are fully engaged and invested in the success of their students.

Of course I needed to think practically too. Yes this school is perfect for me, but can I afford it? Luckily I applied for and received the Trustee's Scholarship and a vocal music scholarship that made it possible to attend. Now starting off my freshmen year, I am a Biology major and Hispanic Studies minor. I am involved in the chamber choir, voice lessons and intramural volleyball team. I've loved every minute of my time here thus far and I can't wait for all the new adventures to come!

Taylor Billion ‘20 | Sioux Falls, S.D.

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