Katie C.

Becoming a Bennie started for me on the day that I opened my acceptance letter (which happened to be the only acceptance letter I ever received because I never applied anywhere else). My parents were both excited for me, but nervous as to how affording two kids at CSB/SJU would affect their finances as my older brother attended Saint John's University. The nerves kicked in as I waited for the financial aid packet to arrive. Thankfully, with the support of the school and gracious donors, it looked hopeful for me to attend Saint Ben's and join my brother at CSB/SJU.

Every time someone asks me about Saint Ben's, a smile instantly crawls across my face. The opportunities and support I receive through this school are outpouring. Professors at Saint Ben's truly do care; they ask how you are doing with sincere eyes and an open heart. Connections are an integrative part of this community. The alumnae are excited (or maybe even jealous) for the experiences that I am having and are never afraid to show their Bennie pride and stories.

I am currently a sophomore, studying Nutrition in hopes of becoming a Registered Dietician after graduation. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity to continue my education in such a loving environment.

Katie C. '18 | Stillwater, Minn.

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