Frida A.


When I first heard of Saint Ben's, I honestly was not interested, but once I arrived on campus, everything changed. I met with Jillian Hiscock, the Assistant director of Admission at CSB, and Jillian talked about the school in such a way, that I knew Saint Ben's was exactly where I wanted to be.  I never thought that I would be able to attend a private college, let alone be able to afford it. I come from a single mother family and a private college education did not seem like an option for us.

However, with the wonderful scholarships that I received from Saint Ben's, I am able to attend my dream school. The scholarships lifted a heavy burden off the shoulders of my mother, who also cares for my younger sister and grandmother. The scholarships that I have received have let me be able to become very involved on campus without a financial crisis hanging over my shoulders.

With my time at CSB, I am majoring in Peace Studies with a minor in Political Science. I currently work as a student assistant with the Intercultural and International Student Services; and I am also involved as the co-President of the Peace club, a community representative for Exploring Latin American Cultures, an Eco-Rep that promotes sustainable living in the residential halls, and a volunteer with Prison Ministry and Aprendemos Juntos. I am making the most of my time here at Saint Ben's, and giving back as much as I can, because of those in the community who have graciously given me the opportunity to be a Bennie. Thank you! 

Frida A. '17 | St. Paul, Minn.

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