Emily H.

When it came to looking at colleges, Saint Ben's was a place that was always on my radar. My cousin and sister are both Bennies, I attended a sports camp here during a summer and many of my high school retreats took place on campus. It was due to this familiarity, though, that I was somewhat hesitant to attend Saint Ben's - I wanted to branch out. I toured and applied to a few other schools, but in the end I couldn't see myself succeeding as a student at any of those places.

I eventually went on a proper tour of Saint Ben's, rather than just walking around with my sister, and that's when I saw Saint Ben's in a new light. It gave me a whole new perspective of the school and what the Saint Ben's community could offer me. I instantly knew that this was in fact the place that I belonged. With the help of scholarships, I was able to commit to Saint Ben's. I am forever thankful for that tour as Saint Ben's is now my home.

At Saint Ben's, I've had the most incredible opportunities. I've met people from many different demographics, explored multiple areas of both academic and extra-curricular interests and studied abroad in Rome and Athens for a semester. What is even more impressive to me is the relationships that I have established with those in my work-study department. While I initially accepted the position to help pay tuition, it has turned into a job that I look forward going to everyday. The women on staff have become another support system for me throughout my time here, and as I am entering my last year at Saint Ben's, I'm confident that my relationships with these women will last post-graduation. My experience with my co-workers is truly just another example of Bennie spirit and the caring and fostering network that Saint Ben's provides.

Emily Heying  '17 | Royalton, Minn.

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