Casi Q.


My whole family has come through Saint Ben's. I knew since I was little that this would be my destiny. My parents are a Bennie/Johnnie couple. My aunts and uncles are Bennies and Johnnies and all of my cousins are also bennies. My grandpa is not an alum, but he taught at Saint Johns before he retired. I grew up on this campus from winter sledding to stopping by to get Bennie or Johnnie bread. I have felt at home here at Saint Ben's since I could walk.

When I would visit here with my family I would always wear my Bennie apparel so I fit in. Every single Christmas I received Bennie apparel since I was about 10. When it came to choosing a school I knew there would be no competition.

I am now a sophomore at Saint Ben's and an elementary education major, still feeling as though I am at home. My grandma and grandpa, cousins, aunts, uncles, and parents come to eat with me at Gorecki, buy new apparel, and walk around campus reliving their Saint Ben's and Saint John's home. I have met so many amazing students, alumnae, friends of the college, employees, and professors that I couldn't even imagine my life with without Saint Ben's. I am truly grateful for my experience here and I cannot wait to see what the next few years have in store for me.

Casi Q. '17 | La Crosse, Wis.

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