Alisia M.


During my senior year of high school, I was desperately looking for a sign about which college to go to. I would have honestly chosen anywhere if it meant I was done deciding. One day, I was in my counselor's office when he recommended that I should apply to Saint Ben's because he had a hunch that I would love the school. I applied and was accepted even though I still knew nothing about the school. I had read about the Benedictine Values that CSB advertised so much and read about how the values are seen all throughout campus. When I attended a fly in weekend that was when I realized how relevant the values were found all throughout campus. That is when I knew that my search was finally over and I was going to be a Bennie. I knew that I wanted to spend the next four years in a community that would not only allow me to grow as a student but also as a person.

I rushed back to Colorado after my school visit, praying that I would be able to afford the school. Thanks to the generous donations, I'm able to afford to attend Saint Ben's and even study abroad. I recently spent a May term in Ireland because of the many scholarships that CSB offers encouraging us students to become globally aware. I was able to spend a month observing the culture and people of the beautiful country of Ireland. And because of all the other scholarship and internships abroad hopefully I will be able to spend a whole semester as well. The College of Saint Benedict has allowed me to achieve my dreams of traveling and help to prepare me for my career. My counselor's hunch is the best choice I have ever decided to follow.

Alisia M. '18 | Littleton, Colo.

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