2018 Senior Gifts

Thank you!

The legacy of Bennies helping Bennies continues! If you haven't made a gift yet, do so by clicking here. If you have made a gift, but don't see your name on the list, please contact Ellen Newkirk at [email protected].

*YAPC members, click here for more information on the YAPC.
Alexandra M. Savre
Alexandra N. Plessel
Alexis M. Klatt
Amelia C. Esh
Annie E. White
Briana A. Schmiesing
Brigette L. Miller
Callie S. Stark
Eliza B. Zugg
Elleni R. Oberle
Emily M. Nagel
Emma M. Ridgeway
Hannah C. Manley
Hannah M. Kosel
Kaelyn J. Dabney
Kaitlyn G. Miller
Katherine M. Banovetz
Kaylie L. Bednarczyk
Kelly A. Cullen
Kendall M. Johnson
Kennedy H. Hageness
Kimberly F. Patterson
Kirsten R. Makela
Kristin N. Blom
Kristina E. Rudin
Lauren A. Noel
McKenzie J. Young
Megan J. Sundstrom
Meghan K. Mullon
Meghan M. Hayden
Miranda C. Kremers
Morgan L. Merritt
Natalie J. Frier
Natalie J. Roberts
Nicole G. Fokken
Rachel C. Broos
Sara L. Wennerstrand
Taylor M. Kainz
Veronica J. Sinell