Ellen Bartyzal

Ellen Bartyzal

Events Committee

Major: Communication

Hometown: Elko, MN

Why CSB: I was originally dead set on attending the U of M because people kept telling me that CSB was a "great place for me," and I was stubborn about what they were insinuating. However, once I actually visited the campus I had the feeling everyone talks about -- the feeling that it already felt like home -- and I knew it was in fact the best place for me to receive a college education and all the experiences that come with it.

Why I’m a class representative: I’m a class representative because I want to encourage Bennies from my year to come forward and act as leaders representing CSB, even after we graduate. I believe cultivating the importance of giving financial gifts to the school is a worthwhile effort, and I hope I can help my fellow Bennies see that importance. I also want to be a resource to my peers as they consider giving back at any level.

Why I give back to Saint Ben’s: I received scholarships all four years at CSB which helped make my attending this institution possible. Throughout my time at St. Ben's I have gained experience through an internship at Minnesota Public Radio and spent a semester studying abroad in Galway, Ireland. I also sang in St. Ben's Women's Choir, wrote for and edited the school paper, The Record, and volunteered as a tutor for the Writing Center. I have made friends that I know I will always have by my side, from both campuses and the monastery. I have changed and grown and found a confidence in myself that I did not have four years ago, and I owe that to the generosity of those who gave back to CSB. The willingness of these people to help Bennies like myself obtain a life-changing education at CSB/SJU is truly inspiring, and I only hope that I can pay it forward.