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Our decision regarding Give to the Max

We are proud of our accomplishments during Give to the Max the past four years, raising over $350,000 from our donors and earning prize money for our place on the leaderboard each year, but have also remained cognizant that our fiduciary duty is to our donors and the students they support. Our decision to move in a new direction is in part due to Give MN's new policies implemented this year. We fully support Give to the Max and what it does for non-profits, but acknowledge that it is no longer a platform that is best for our particular institution.

  • GiveMN's processing fees are now 4.9%. This is nearly double the fees we paid last year, and almost three times what we pay through the institution's processor.
  • During this year's Give to the Max, higher education institutions will no longer be in a separate category with other colleges and universities but lumped into all large non-profits. Though the prize money is not the reason we participate, throughout course of our participation, we have used the prize money to offset the cost of the processing fees.


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