Paying it Forward

On March 16, when campus closed in response to COVID-19, students were told to quickly return to their homes. For some, that was a challenge. For others, it was essentially impossible.

Fortunately, the Saint Ben’s Student Emergency Fund was in place. Even more fortunately, alumnae and friends rose up to help fill that fund and serve those students. Three hundred forty-four donors gave $65,230 to the fund. In addition, the Saint Ben’s Student Senate gave $20,000 to support their peers.

  • 100% of students who requested financial assistance from the Emergency Fund received it. (That’s 90 Bennies in need.)
  • We helped pay for food and hotels as needed during travel.
  • Money from the Student Emergency Fund helped Bennies in unexpected need handle day-to-day living expenses (like rent).
  • Even if we couldn’t all be together for commencement in May, the Student Emergency Fund helped ship caps and gowns to graduating seniors so everyone could look the part!