Two Callings and Counting

Niesha FordWhen Niesha Ford ’17 graduated from CSB, she felt called to join the Peace Corps, working in  Rwanda as a maternal and child health volunteer.
During that two years though, she came across a second calling. She applied and was one of 10 people to receive a Donald M. Payne International Development GraduateFellowship for 2019. The fellowship will provide up to $96,000 for graduate school, internships and professional development over two years – after which she will begin a career in foreign service with the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID).
“I don’t know if you believe in a calling, but I felt like this was my call to serve again, but this time as a career,” Niesha says. Where she goes next remains to be seen, but she knows she has possibilities. “The community and support I received at CSB has opened many doors for me.”