Look at Her Go

Maddy Zinken '19There are leaders, and then there are those so inspiring and effective that they lead the leaders. Maddy Zinken ’19 is the second kind. Indeed, her skill for helping others’ lights shine is part of what makes her such a great leader.

Following her sophomore year at Saint Ben’s, Maddy completed an internship in New Jersey with the nation’s largest leadership society, the National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS). She came back determined to establish a chapter of the organization at Saint Ben’s.

With the help of an executive board, Maddy worked tirelessly to get the chapter up and running, and her efforts have already paid off: Maddy was hoping for 30 chapter members in the founding class, but ended up with 161 and counting.

Members engage in leadership training days, attend online seminars and work with a success networking team. And of course, they’ll inspire and learn from each other, too.