2016 Honor Roll

We couldn't do it without you...

This past fiscal year, thousands of individuals found a reason to give to the College of Saint Benedict. Your gifts provided scholarships, as well as programmatic, capital and faculty support which benefit each and every Saint Ben's student. We hope that in the process of giving you felt the gratification of knowing the tremendous impact of your philanthropy and will continue to give in years to come as the long-term impact transforms your gifts into a legacy. Because that return on investment; that value; that purpose - we think that's something to give for. As we present the fiscal year 2016 honor roll, we can't say this enough: thank you.

2016 Honor Roll

No words can express our gratitude and thanks for each and every individual who has supported Saint Ben's during fiscal year 2016. View our 2016 honor roll here.

2016 Annual and Financial Report

View our 2016 annual and financial report that features operating gains, revenues and other support as well as our 2016 expenses.