$100k in a Day FAQ

$100K in a Day FAQ

Wait, didn't you do this last year?

Yes. In 2014, we celebrated our second $100k in a Day. Last year 843 donors gave $285,476! We want to continue that success again this year.

In the past, we participated in Give to the Max, raising over $350,000 from our donors and earning prize money for our place on the leaderboard each year we participated. We are proud of our accomplishments each year but have also remained cognizant that our fiduciary duty is to our donors and the students they support. We fully support Give to the Max and what it does for non-profits, but acknowledge that it is no longer a platform that is best for our particular institution.

  • GiveMN's processing fees are 4.9%. This is almost three times what we pay through the institution's processor.
  • Due to changes in previous years by Give to the Max, higher education institutions are no longer in a separate division with other colleges and universities but lumped into all large non-profits. Though the prize money is not the reason we participated, throughout our course of our participation, we have used the prize money to offset the cost of the credit card processing fees.

Can I call in my gift?

Yes, if you call in a credit card gift on November 11th it will count for $100k in a Day. Please call 320.363.5913 with a credit card to participate in this exciting challenge.

Can I mail in a check?

You can mail in a check just like you can any other day of the year, but it will not be matched or counted for the $100k in a Day challenge. Gifts that are being counted for $100k in a Day are gifts made by credit card online or over the phone only. Make a gift online or call 320.363.5913 with a credit card to participate in this exciting challenge.

What are the matching gift terms?

Gifts made online or with a credit card over the phone on November 11, 2015 beginning at 12:00 am and continuing for 24 hours will be matched dollar for dollar. All matching funds will be given to current scholarships regardless of designation.

Where does my gift go?

You can designate your gift to the place of your choosing. The greatest need is always current scholarships. Matching dollars will go to current scholarships regardless of your designation. For questions about the match and what qualifies, please contact Maggie Webber Utsch '00 at [email protected] or 320.363.5932.

Who gave the match?

 The generous donors who gave the match can be found here.

How can I track the progress?

 We will send out emails periodically, and post on our website, the best place to stay up-to-date is on our College of Saint Benedict Alumnae Association Facebook page.

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