Bennie Mentor Program

The Bennie Mentor Program was created by members of the CSB Alumnae Board to foster an exchange of ideas, friendship, and expertise between alumnae, young and old. Participants enjoy excellent opportunities to build their personal and professional networks through informal and formal exchanges with other Bennies. It is an alum-to-alum mentor program (NOT for students).

The application period for the 2023-2024 Bennie Mentor Program will open May 27, 2024 and be open until July 31, 2024.

You have insights to share!

Current applicants are looking to explore growth areas such as career change/advancement, friendship, spirituality, volunteering, leadership, budgeting and work/life balance.

They’re seeking mentors with experience in areas such as advertising/PR/marketing, entrepreneurship, environmental sciences, first-gen experience, foreign service, global health, higher education, international relations, law, motherhood, nonprofits, medicine, nutrition, retirement, science, and education. 

There’s lots to learn!

The alumnae who are on board to mentor are looking to share their experiences and support in areas such as career development, diversity, spirituality, family/parenting/motherhood, finances, first-gen experience, friendship, re-entering the workplace, grad school/career decisions, life transitions, health and wellness, practical matters, relocation, volunteering, and work/life balance.

They bring career experience in areas such as advertising/PR/marketing, cultural integration, global business, grants and technical writing, health services, human resources, law, medicine, nonprofits, physical therapy, operations, finance, project management, psychology, sales, self-employment, ROTC, and education.

1. How do I sign up?

Complete the online application between May 27 and July 31 in order to be considered during the match process. If you are interested in joining the Bennie Mentor Program after the enrollment period, we will try to find you a match. We cannot guarantee participation in the Bennie Mentor Program this year, however we will try to accommodate late enrollment up to one month after the deadline.

2. What’s the time commitment?

The program runs September through May each year. During this time, you agree to connect with your Bennie match at least once a month. Connections can take place in person or virtually. We provide you with an orientation and resources to support your experience.

3. What’s the criteria for being a mentor?

Simply the desire and capacity to share your life and professional experience with another Bennie who is seeking career and/or personal guidance and friendship.

4. Do I have to live in the Twin Cities to participate?

No. While many of our alumnae live in the Twin Cities area, matches can be made between alums living in other parts of the world. Technology provides many great tools for connecting from a distance.

2024-2025 Calendar

Note: dates will continue to be added

May 27-July 31Online applications accepted
Sept. 9Matches announced
Sept. 12Program orientation & kick-off event
Nov. 15Mentor newsletter
Jan. 15Mentor virtual event
Mar. 15Mentor newsletter
May 26Closing of the program

Bennie Mentor Program Handbook


Please contact Amy Anderson, assistant director of alumnae relations, at [email protected] or 320-363-5233.