Elizabeth Erickson

Class Chair

Major: Accounting

Hometown: Oakdale, Minn.

Why CSB: I chose to attend St. Ben's for many reasons, but specifically because of the atmosphere of happiness and support I felt from my first visit on campus. The professors, faculty and students want you to try things out of your comfort zone to discover new passions. Tangible draws to attending CSB were the study abroad program and the accounting program. Spending a semester in a different country has always been a dream of mine, and thanks to Saint Ben's I was able to spend over four months exploring eight different European countries. Academically, the accounting program has developed my knowledge base and professional skills, preparing me well for the competitive workforce. 

Why I'm a Class Representative: Think critically, lead courageously, advocate passionately. These three phrases have become the foundation for myself and my classmates as we dive into our senior year at Saint Ben's. I am a class representative to remind my fellow Bennies of their roots as we move into our futures. We take different paths, different careers, different places and as we do so it is important to remember where we came from. The mission and values instilled in us during our time at Saint Ben's are vital to our success throughout our lives. As we let our lights shine in whatever we may be doing, we must remember the support network that is always at our fingertips. As a representative of the Class of 2017, I will bring Bennies together to support one another and support the institution that became the springboard into our incredible futures.

Why I give back: Those who donated their money, time and ideas to this institution made it possible for me to have four of the best years of my life. Without their monetary support, I would not have been able to afford this liberal arts education. Without their time, I would not have learned about the variety of extracurricular activities to jump into. Without their ideas, I would not be encouraged to think outside of my normal frame of mind. I believe in the value of giving back to Saint Ben's because I want future Bennies to have the same opportunity to exceed their expectations and thrive in new ways, just as I did.