Jordan Marshall


Major: Global Business Leadership

Hometown: Hastings, Minn.

Why CSB: I love everything about CSB! I love that it inspires women to follow their dreams and become whoever they want to be. Saint Ben's community is one of a kind and the experiences I have had here are nothing short of extraordinary. I have met so many wonderful people who have and who will impact my life and I will never forget my time here.

Why I'm a Class Representative: I chose to be a class representative because I believe in CSB and its mission to create and inspire strong Bennies to fulfill their dreams. I know the value of my degree and the importance to giving back to the school so other young women are able to earn their one of a kind education at an institution as amazing as CSB, and I want to encourage others to give back as well.

Why I give back: I give back to CSB because I know what it is like to receive scholarships. I want to enable others to receive an education from Saint Ben's and experience all that this place has to offer. If I did not get a scholarship I would not have been able to attend CSB, but because of generous and amazing donors, I am fortunate to call this place home.