Bailey Weirens


Major: Nutrition - Dietetics

Hometown:  Sauk Rapids, Minn.

Why CSB: Is there any reason not to love CSB? I especially love CSB because of the many wonderful friendships I've made, the opportunities I have been given and the outstanding professors and faculty that make my education and experiences possible. Not to mention, Saint Ben's promotes strong and bold leadership in women.

Why I'm a Class Representative: I think it is crucial that the Bennie sisterhood live on even beyond our four years at Saint Ben's. By becoming a class representative, I am able to facilitate conversation between CSB and our fellow bennies.

Why I give back: I want to continue to provide opportunities for future Bennies – I know without the help of scholarships from CSB, I would not have had the opportunity to attend CSB. My four years here have been the best four years of my life, and I want every high school student to feel like they have the option to attend this prestigious college and be allotted the same opportunities and experiences that I was fortunate to receive.