Allison Steen


Major: Global Business Leadership

Hometown: Eden Prairie, Minn.

Why CSB: After four years at Saint Ben's, the college has created for me a new family and community that I can rely on. Saint Ben's has taught me and many other Bennies to go for your dreams. The plentiful resources to do great things at our college and beyond are there, but it is up to the Bennies whether or not they want to take them. I have valued the conversations in the classroom, residence halls, Gorecki and Local Blend with women who come from different backgrounds, studying similar and different things and learning about what they are passionate or becoming passionate about. The common connection of Saint Ben's gives us all a unique bond that I don't think you get at other schools.

Why I'm a Class Representative: I am a class representative because I wanted to help make the process of becoming alumnae as easy, effective, fun and meaningful as possible for our class. Now our group of class representatives have the opportunity to help foster "the strong Bennie alum connection" so more woman will fall in love with Saint Ben's like we did. My four years here at Saint Ben's, I have seen girls in my grade become woman leaders on campus, star in plays, win competitions, beat Tommies and make a difference in the world. I would love to maintain and grow the passion and dedication that these woman have had to Saint Ben's. I want to make sure they can transition as smoothly as possible into the next stages of their lives and create a sense of community and outlook for them to fall back on for the rest of their lives. 

Why I give back: Since my first year, seeing the amount of opportunities Saint Ben's has given to so many Bennies because of the strong alumnae connection has inspired me to pay it forward to future Bennies. I believe giving back has more meanings than just financial help. It is mentally, physically and financially giving. Volunteering your time to write a freshman a happy first week of school letter, it is setting up a coffee date with a Bennie intern at your work, it is giving money for a Bennie scholarship so she can attend the school of her dreams. Giving what you can, may have different meanings at different parts of an alum's life, but always having your hand open and your mind open to giving back to Saint Ben's will always be there, in order to create the special community of Bennies.