Saint Ben's @ Home Archive

Past Events Fall 2020

Saint Ben's @ Home: Your Meeting with the Deans

Presented on: Dec. 15 | 

Barb May, Academic Dean, and Pam Bacon, Dean of the Faculty, will take a deep dive into the new curriculum and the pedagogical shifts that we’ve made in response to COVID-19. How are these innovations having a particular impact on Bennies? What changes may outlast COVID-19? The academic experience is at the heart of a Saint Ben’s education. How does that experience develop the leadership of women? Explore with Barb and Pam how our Bennies and women faculty are responding in this new academic experience.

Saint Ben's @ Home: The CSB Student Experience

Presented on: Nov. 17 | 

Learn how students experience Saint Ben’s as a college for women. Representatives from the Saint Ben’s Senate, Institute for Women’s Leadership, and Advocates for Inclusive Mentoring will talk about their experiences at Saint Ben’s. This fall is bringing the launch of a new curriculum, the implementation of the block schedule and a renewed commitment to becoming an anti-racist community. Alumnae and other friends who support Saint Ben’s do so because of the impact the college has on our Bennies and their leadership development. Learn first-hand the impact on our students.

Saint Ben's @ Home: What it Means to be a College for Women

Presented on: Oct. 21 

Our second event in the fall series will be a special discussion with Saint Ben's Interim President Laurie Hamen. The first few months of Laurie Hamen’s presidency have been unlike any in the College’s history. Learn more about what is happening on campus, her commitment to Saint Ben’s identity as a college for women and how she is working to strengthen that identity as we work toward stronger integration with Saint John’s.

Alumnae and friends have told us how important being a college for women is to them. Learn how those convictions are being supported in Laurie Hamen’s leadership.

Saint Ben's @ Home: What it Means to be a College for Women

Presented on: Sept. 16 

Join us for a special panel discussion exploring the CSB Board of Trustees’ recently endorsed statement on “What it Means to be a College for Women.” The board has clearly articulated expectations for our community on what it means to serve, empower and develop strong women leaders. Moderator Kathy Hansen, vice president of institutional advancement, will cover it all, along with Kathryn Enke ’05, chief of staff to the CSB president and Mary Thompson, managing director for G100 BoardExcellence, former CNBC journalist and current Saint Ben’s trustee.

Past Summer 2020 Events

Saint Ben's @ Home: A Conversation with Interim President Laurie Hamen  

Presented on July 1 | Watch  here 

Join us at 7 p.m, Wednesday, July 1, for a live-streamed chat with CSB interim president, Laurie Hamen. This chat will deliver insights on planning for a bold future, and taking the next steps in leadership during this unprecedented time period.

Saint Ben's @ Home: A Conversation with Angie Schmidt Whitney 

Presented on: June 24 | Watch here 

This chat delivered updates from the XPD Office at CSB, alongside resources for continued networking and community building in this time of uncertainty.

Featured speakers: Angie Schmidt Whitney, CSB/SJU executive director of the experience and professional development office (XPD).

Saint Ben's @ Home: A Conversation with Nate Dehne 

Presented on: June 17 | Watch  here 

This chat delivered information on next year's enrollment, planning for the future, and updates on upholding the institutional vision moving forward.

Speakers included: Nate Dehne, CSB vice president of marketing and enrollment.

Saint Ben's @ Home: Becoming Community 

Presented on: June 10 | Watch here 

This online gathering was a special panel discussion featuring leaders from our ongoing Becoming Community initiative. T his live-streamed chat explored the power of transformative inclusion, discussed the ways we’re working to bring it about at Saint Ben’s and Saint John’s, and talked about what it could mean for our world. 

Speakers included: Anna Mercedes, associate professor and chair of the CSB/SJU theology department, Brandyn Woodard, CSB/SJU director of intercultural and international student services and Amanda Jantzer, assistant professor of psychology.

Saint Ben's @ Home: A Conversation with Richard Ice 

Presented on: May 27 | Watch here 

This conversation included topics like what's going to happen on campus during the fall semester, the ongoing value of a CSB/SJU education during this time, new curriculum that is launching in the fall and much more. 

Speakers included: Richard Ice, CSB/SJU provost.

Saint Ben's @ Home: A Conversation with Mary Geller 

Presented on: May 20 | Watch here

This conversation included topics like what's new at the CSB Office of Student Development, Bennie Athletics, and providing an enriching student experience during these challenging times. 

Speakers included: Mary Geller, CSB vice president of student development.

Saint Ben's @ Home: A Conversation with Mary Dana Hinton

Presented on: May 13 | Watch here

This chat delivered news from campus, updates on how our Bennies are doing, insights on planning for the future and reminders that the Bennie sisterhood is alive and well.

Speakers included: Mary Dana Hinton, CSB president.