Eamonn Wall is the author of seven collections of poetry: Junction City: New and Selected Poems 1990-2015 (2015); Sailing Lake Mareotis (2011); A Tour of Your Country (2008); Refuge at De Soto Bend (2004); The Crosses (2000); Iron Mountain Road (1997); Dyckman-200th Street (1994), all published by Salmon Publishing in Ireland. He lives in St. Louis, Missouri, and is the Smurfit-Stone Professor of Irish Studies and Professor of English at the University of Missouri-St. Louis.

In his book, Junction City: New and Selected Poems (1990-2015) Eamonn Wall visits and revisits the story of the immigrant, where we see the breadth and richness of his journey. Wall is intent on chronicling not only human displacement, but also the environmental devastation that all too often triggers that displacement – a concern that he developed in his groundbreaking critical study, Writing the Irish West: Ecologies and Traditions, which would provide the impetus for many Irish Studies scholars to examine the collection more closely. 

Dan Barry is a reporter and columnist for The New York Times and the acclaimed author of The Boys in the Bunkhouse. This is a luminous work of social justice, told with compassion and compelling detail. It is a story that "Expose[s] a moral catastrophe" and was labeled as "a vital piece of reporting. 

Readers of The New York Times know Dan Barry as the author of the The Bottom of the 33rd, his third book. His first, Pull Me Up: A Memoir (2004) is a masterpiece and, quite simply, one of the most engaging and finely written memoirs. His second book, City Lights: Stories About New York (2007) was a collection of his "About New York" columns.