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On Campus with Gary Eichten

"On Campus with Gary Eichten," is a campus-wide program of events led by the University Chair of Critical Thinking and award-winning MPR host Gary Eichten.

The program has been developed to:

Engage this campus in critical social issues of our time

Showcase nationally known guest speakers 

To present the best of our very own faculty and 

Encourage the community to wrestle with today's most pressing social and economic issues of our time

Nick Hayes and Gary Eichten launched the program with:

Nick Hayes' 2015 Russian Year in Review, discussing events such as the crisis in Ukraine, the Russian economy, and the future of Russia under Putin.

Recent Events:

On January 18, 2017, Gary Eichten, the award-winning MPR journalist, interviewed Nick Hayes on "Russia's Visible Hand: Putin, Trump and Cybermischief in the 2016 Election."

Subsequent events have included:

A conversation with biologist Ken Miller from Brown University with our own Noreen Herzfeld, Nicholas and Bernice Reuter Professor of Science and Religion on Science, Religion and Public Policy

A Year-End Look at the Economy with American Public Media specialist, Chris Farrell and Dr. Louis Johnston, the SJU Joseph P. Farry Professor of  Economics and most recent

Gary Eichten interviewed Star Tribune meteorologist Paul Douglas on Faith and Climate Change: a Meteorologist's View. Paul Douglas discussed both the most current science regarding Earth's climate and his recognition as a committed Christian that finding responsible ways to deal with this change is part of the Christian call to stewardship.

December 2016 brings around our annual Year-end Look at the Economy with American Public Media specialist, Chris Farrell, and Dr. Louis Johnston, the SJU Joseph P. Farry Professor of  Economics. 


Upcoming Events