Student Life Experience

Resumption Planning: Student Life Experience
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We are monitoring the COVID situation daily. Check this website for the most up to date information.

Campus Life

What will living on campus look like this year?
Will dining on campus go back to normal?
Will social distancing be required on campus?
Will the LINK schedule return to normal this year?
What protocols will varsity sports, club sports and intramurals follow?
Will CSB/SJU students be able to attend Mass in-person?
Will student activities and programs be offered this year?
Will there be catered events on campus this year?
Will I be offered in-person counseling and health care this year?
What will participating in the Fine Arts look like this year?

Travel, Testing and Reporting

If I travel this year, what safety protocols do I need to follow?
Where can I get a COVID test off campus?
Where can I get a COVID test once I am back on campus?
What if I test positive for COVID-19?
Where do I report COVID-19 symptoms and/or exposure?
If I am not fully vaccinated and have to quarantine when arriving on campus, where will I be quarantining?
If I am quarantined, will my roommate also be quarantined?
What is the difference between isolation and quarantine?
Are isolation guidelines different for vaccinated vs unvaccinated individuals?
Are the quarantine guidelines different for vaccinated vs unvaccinated individuals?
For Fall 2021 Student Arrival:

COVID-19 Test Result Submission

COVID-19 Questions: