FAQs for Staff and Faculty

How does Minnesota’s Stay at Home Order affect faculty and staff?
Minnesota’s Stay at Home Order is designed to slow the spread of coronavirus in the state. Between Friday, March 27, at 11:59 p.m. and Friday, April 10, Minnesotans are asked to stay at home unless absolutely necessary. CSB/SJU faculty and staff who are already working remotely from home as of March 17 should continue to work from home until further notice. As the Stay at Home Order indicates, “all workers who can work from home must do so.” However, the Stay at Home Order also identifies higher education as a “Critical Sector.” CSB/SJU employees “who are performing work that cannot be done at their home or residence through telework or virtual work and can be done only at a place of work outside of their home or residence, are exempted” from the Stay at Home Order. Therefore, those workers who are working on campus as of March 17 should continue to report for work on campus. .
Are there any grading option policy changes given the COVID-19 pandemic and its disruption?
In response to COVID-19, the faculty, upon recommendation by CCAPS and approval by the JFS on March 24, 2020, have agreed to change the S/U policy for the spring semester of 2020 only. A detailed description can be found here. Please read this carefully. Students now have the option of taking all their classes S/U. A student must inform you of this decision by May 4. You can choose to move back this date. Please consult with your students before they make this decision.
I am impacted by the evolving local and global COVID-19 situation and I’m anxious and worried. Where can I turn for help?
Resources for CSB and SJU employees can be found at the following website: https://www.csbsju.edu/about/at-a-glance/family-friendly-resources/eap.
Can staff travel?
All college and university-related domestic and international air travel and overnight travel is restricted.
Will staff work remotely?
Based on recent guidance we are requiring that CSB and SJU employees work from home as possible. CSB and SJU leadership will continue to work through details and provide communication about work expectations and resources.
If there is no work available in my position during this period, will I be paid?
Any staff member, excluding temporary appointments, who does not have work available between now and April 4 will receive regular pay for their pre-assigned work schedule through April 4. Payment beyond this date will be re-evaluated as the situation evolves and institutional decisions are made.
When do classes resume online?
Faculty are expected to conduct courses online beginning March 23.
Will I have access to my office on campus during this time?
Faculty and staff will have access to their offices via their key card as usual, but should limit the time on campus as much as possible.
Will department coordinators still be available to assist faculty?
At this time, department coordinators are expected to work and support faculty.
What resources and training are available to help faculty prepare for online delivery? Do I need to attend the training in person or can I participate remotely?
A schedule of training and workshops is posted on the CSB/SJU Instructional Technology website. For the full listing of trainings offered, please visit:  https://www.csbsju.edu/instructional-technology/instructional-design/technology-training/training

The training schedule will be updated as workshops are added. Training will occur throughout the week of March 16. Both the Learning Enhancement Service and IT Services will hold training sessions.
I don’t have a laptop. What equipment is available for my use during the week classes are suspended and when classes are delivered online?
You are able to take your desktop home. Please work with IT Services if you have additional concerns.
Will registration still take place as scheduled? Do I still advise students?
Yes, registration will take place but a decision has been made to push Fall 2020 class registration back. It will now take place April 15 through April 23. This is to allow faculty more time to prepare and advise students prior to registration, while also preparing their online courses. Students need more time to prepare their registration choices and adjust to online learning.

You will receive PINs for your advisees and will be expected to meet with students remotely (email, Zoom, etc.) to address any of their questions prior to registration.