FAQs for Prospective Students

Am I still able to apply for admission and/or enroll for the 2020-2021 school year?
Yes, CSB/SJU is still accepting applications for 2020-2021 school year. Review our application checklist for more information. If you have been accepted and are ready to enroll, check out our Admitted Student page for next steps!
Other schools have moved to a June 1 deposit deadline, will CSB/SJU do that?
Yes, we have moved our deposit deadline to June 1. We know students are concerned about making a choice without the chance to make an initial or second visit, and we have created opportunities to answer your questions and help you get to know CSB/SJU virtually. Visit Explore CSB/SJU From Home to set up a virtual visit, take a virtual tour and access our social media pages.
What if I am an admitted student and my high school closes or is delayed in completing the academic year?
Please alert the Admission Office if you experience a disruption in completing your high school education due to COVID-19 so that we can support you in preparing to come to CSB/SJU.
I haven’t had a chance to visit—how can I learn more about CSB/SJU before I decide to enroll?
Our admission team is here to help you learn all about the great things CSB/SJU has to offer. There are many virtual visit opportunities on Explore CSB/SJU From Home as well.
How can I get help with my student aid award if we have special circumstances due to COVID-19?
Our admission and financial aid teams remain committed to doing all we can in helping you make a successful transition to CSB/SJU. Please contact our financial aid office if you have specific questions about your situation.
Will the Admission Office be open at all?
We are doing all we can to promote the health and safety of the public and our campus community and will have very limited staffing for the foreseeable future. It is recommended that you utilize the resources on Explore CSB/SJU from Home and/or contact our office directly if you want/need to connect with an admission team member.
When will tours and information sessions resume?
The Admission Office will be closed to all visitors until at least April 14. We will not be offering any live campus tours or information sessions, but we will be holding virtual session. Please check your email and/or our Live @ CSB/SJU website for recorded or real-time offerings to learn more about CSB/SJU.
How can I get my admission questions answered?
We encourage you to browse our website for the most complete information about the admission process at CSB/SJU. We are working to make ourselves as available as possible to answer more specific questions. Please feel free to reach out to us in any of the following ways:

Phone – 320-363-5060
Toll Free – 800-544-1489
Email – [email protected]
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