Student Travel

Minimizing COVID-19 infections and safeguarding the health of the entire CSB/SJU community depends on a number of measures and protocols. One important element of those efforts is curtailing travel to and from campus as much as possible, in order to lessen the introduction of new sources of infection.

Student Travel Protocols

  • Students are strongly encouraged to remain on campus during break periods and participate in Community Engagement Days at the end of each block.
  • CSB/SJU sponsored travel (including student fee funded travel) is not permitted through at least the fall semester. This will be evaluated on an ongoing basis based on guidance from the CDC and other government agencies.
  • Students who travel out of the state for personal reasons are required to submit a Student Travel Form prior to travel. If a travel alert is issued for another state, we will be able to easily notify anyone who travelled to that location.

To the extent possible, students are asked to use good judgment and limit any personal travel outside St. Joseph and Collegeville.