December 17: Spring Semester Pre-Arrival Testing

Dear CSB and SJU Students,

We are planning carefully for students safe return to campus for spring semester.  Your cooperation is essential to our success.  The plan below outlines testing requirements for your and everyone’s safe return on January 25, 2021 for Spring Semester.   

A COVID-19 test is required of every student (on-campus AND off-campus) who will be taking on-campus classes, be employed on-campus, or will be using campus facilities (dining, library, labs, fine arts, athletic/recreational facilities, etc.).

Pre-Arrival Testing (test must be taken January 18-22)

  1. Students must submit a PCR COVID-19 test result completed no earlier than five to seven days before arriving on campus; AND
  2. Students must self-quarantine between the date the test is administered and the return to campus.

Testing Options (test must be taken January 18-22)

If you do NOT have insurance, use one of the no-cost options above. If still unable to secure testing, please contact Emily Rath, APRN, CNP (320-363-5605) to discuss options.

PCR tests taken 5-7 days before arrival on campus (January 18-22) are the ONLY acceptable test. Rapid antigen tests for someone without symptoms are not reliable and will not be accepted. 

Exemptions to Pre-Arrival Testing

  • Student has tested positive for COVID-19 on/after October 25, 2020 (must provide documentation at  COVID Test Result Submission - Spring 2021 form).
  • Student is enrolled entirely online for Spring 2021 semester - not residing in residence halls and not physically present on campus.


  • Students are required to comply with this plan unless exempted for reasons above.
  • Students who do not comply will not have their student ID card re-activated until test results are submitted.
  • Students who do not comply will be flagged in The Hive and will be unable to participate in person for classes, work on campus or use campus facilities.
  • Students arriving to campus without test submission will need to quarantine until test results are received.

Plan now to be tested according to these guidelines.  We look forward to your seeing you all back for Spring semester. 

Mary Geller, Vice President for Student Development, College of Saint Benedict
Michael Connolly, Interim Vice President for Student Development, Saint John’s University