November 23: Temporary Masking Requirement, Booster Shots and Testing Event

Dear CSB/SJU Students, Faculty and Staff:

The Pandemic Planning Committee has reviewed the current COVID-19 information, and we are announcing an update to CSB/SJU’s masking policy. This message also provides information about booster shots and our upcoming community-wide testing event. 

Temporary Masking Requirement

Beginning Sunday, Nov. 28, CSB/SJU is requiring masks indoors and on transportation for all students, faculty, staff and visitors (vaccinated and unvaccinated) as a temporary action to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.  

Our COVID-19 positive case count has increased both on campus and in the surrounding community over the past two weeks. 

The temporary masking requirement will continue through the end of the semester and will be evaluated before Spring Semester based on the transmission category of our surrounding county, the positivity rate on our campus community, and other key factors. 

Exceptions to the Temporary Masking Requirement:  

  • When seated and actively eating or drinking in dining/events and catering operations
  • Residence hall private rooms 
  • Private offices  
  • Outdoors 

We appreciate your flexibility and willingness to be adaptable for the good of the entire community.

Booster Shots

Last Friday, the CDC opened booster eligibility to all individuals age 18 and older, which means that you qualify for a booster shot if you are six months past your second Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, or two months past your one dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

The Minnesota Department of Health has noted that waning immunity from earlier vaccines (specifically six or more months after the two-shot vaccines) is a driver of breakthrough COVID-19 cases, so please consider signing up for a booster shot at a pharmacy or clinic with shots available. Learn more from the Minnesota Department of Health.

We’ve added booster shots to our COVID-19 Vaccination Record Submission Form, so add your booster information after you get the shot, or if you’ve already had your booster.

We are finalizing plans for holding a booster shot clinic on campus before the end of the semester. Since that event has not been finalized yet, we encourage eligible members of our community to seek out boosters on their own sooner.

Community-wide Testing Event

We will be holding a community-wide testing event on Nov. 30 and Dec. 1. This testing event is an added mitigation strategy to ensure we keep our COVID infection rates low on campus by detecting and isolating any new COVID-19 cases early.

To sign up, please visit

Please visit our COVID-19 website for a dashboard, list of FAQ’s and contact information for staff who can assist you.

Thank you,

Casey Gordon

Chair, CSB/SJU Pandemic Planning Committee

  • [email protected]
  • 320-363-3300 (general questions)
  • 320-363-5370 (medical questions related to COVID-19)