July 9: Student Workers in the Block Schedule

Dear CSB/SJU Faculty and Staff,

Student workers are valuable for many reasons. Not only do they support your work but this can also be a rewarding and learning experience for the students. In addition, the majority of students working on campus are doing so to support their work study award. With the transition to the block schedule, we recognize that your needs may change and the structure of student work will change. However, we do want to ensure that students have these opportunities and you have the support you need. In working with the planning group, the following will be important as you work with your student employees this upcoming academic year:

  • Please continue to hire and use student workers. Many students use this employment to support their financial package and are ready and eager to work.
  • Please keep the current student worker schedule and do not plan to have students work only within a single block. Most students can work 10-12 hours/week as part of their work award. We ask that you do not require students to work more than their allotment even though we have transitioned to the block schedule. This may change the nature of the position to some degree, but we want to ensure that students also have time for studying and their coursework.
  • As you identify any necessary changes in student employment and the role that your student will play, please reach out to the student and clarify these changes. There is some anxiety about maintaining their employment positions as changes to the schedule have been announced. If appropriate, please let Angie Mareck know of any changes.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Community Always,

Barb May, Pam Bacon, and Angie Mareck