April 8: Update on SJU Student Refunds

Dear SJU Students and Parents,

We know that many of you have concerns about the financial aspect of the decision to move to online learning. Our initial priority was to ensure that the students were able to get home safely; followed closely by developing and implementing online learning to ensure the continuity of your education.  Now that this has been accomplished, we have been focusing on the financial implications of COVID-19 for our CSB/SJU community. We have made the following decisions regarding refunds.


  • Housing costs will be prorated based on March 14th, when students were asked to depart campus and longer reside on campus.
  • Meal plans will also be adjusted. The Continuous meal plan will be prorated with the date of March 14th.  The other meal plans as well as Dining Bucks will be adjusted based on the remaining unused meals or amounts. 
  • Spring 2020 study abroad students will get a pro-rated study abroad program fee adjustment based on the amount of time that was completed on-site prior to the suspension of their program.
  • Course Fees are being reviewed by each department to ascertain if course fees need to be adjusted. Each course is being reviewed, and if the course is no longer able to support the costs of the original fee, the adjustment will be applied accordingly to the student’s account.
  • Parking permits will also be prorated for the unused portion of spring semester. $35 will be refunded to the student’s account if they purchased a parking permit this year.
  • Financial aid will not be adjusted, unless all the billable costs were covered by grants or scholarships.


  • Adjustments will be completed on or before April 30th and will be reflected on the May billing statement.
  • Since the adjustments may not be completed prior to the April 7th due date, we will not be assessing finance charges on outstanding balances for the month.
  • In the case the adjustment creates a credit on the account, you may choose to utilize in one of the following ways
  1. Leave the credit on your account to pay for future charges.
  2. Request the credit be disbursed to you by completing the Electronic Disbursement Request on the SJU Student Accounts
  • Registration for Fall 2020 begins on April 15th. Any holds due to unpaid balances that appear will be covered with the adjustments listed above will be removed.  If you still have further concerns regarding your outstanding balance please contact Financial Aid or Student Accounts. 

Please continue to check for further information on the Student FAQ page. Contact the Student Accounts Office if you have questions about the adjustments or process. Thank you again for your patience as we work through this difficult time together.

Dick Adamson, Vice President for Finance and Administration, Saint John’s University