March 15: COVID Vaccine and Post-Travel Requirements

Dear Colleagues:

This message is sent in response to multiple questions regarding availability of the COVID vaccine and institutional requirements regarding travel.


Our Health Services team and COVID-19 Coordinators are in regular communication with Stearns County and MDH officials. At this time, Higher Ed is not listed as a priority group. Please know we are actively advocating for employees in higher education. If higher education is reclassified and given a higher vaccine priority, we will send an announcement.

The easiest way to know when you are eligible for your COVID-19 vaccine is to utilize the MDH Vaccine Connector. Based on the information you enter, you will be notified when you can schedule your COVID-19 Vaccine. Sign up is easy at: 

To view the latest information on Phase 1B Tier 2 and Phase 1B Tier 3 employees, please see MDH vaccine plan:

Higher Education employees are not eligible at this time unless they fall into one of the priority groups based on age, health, or other occupational status. If you fall into one of these groups due to a medical condition, please contact your primary care provider if you haven’t been notified via the MDH Vaccine Connector. 


In accordance with CDC and MDH guidance, CSB/SJU discourages all non-essential travel. Business travel is not advised for the remainder of the academic year unless deemed necessary by your Divisional VP or the Presidents. 

Each of us have a personal responsibility to help keep our community safe and to remain focused on mitigation measures. If you do travel on college/university business or choose personal travel outside of MN by public transportation, please complete the Employee Travel Form prior to traveling. CSB/SJU will follow MDH guidelines advising a 14-day quarantine upon return to MN. 

Employees who can perform their job remotely following travel should do so until receiving a PCR-negative test (not an antigen test or antibody/blood test) 5-7 days after returning to MN. With receipt of a negative test result to Human Resources, you may return to work on campus day 7 or return on day 10 if you do not test. If you are unable to perform your job remotely, you must remain home with use of vacation or unpaid leave until receiving a PCR-negative test 5-7 days after returning to MN or remain home until day 10 if you do not test. When returning to work on campus, continue to carefully self-monitor for COVID-19 symptoms and follow campus safety protocols on masks and social distancing.

Note: If you have been fully vaccinated or if you had a positive COVID case within 90 days prior to travel, quarantine is not required. A PCR test should be taken 5-7 days following return from travel with continued careful self-monitoring. 

Please watch for another email being sent later today addressed to students regarding these two topics. 

Thank you, 

Carol Abell 

Director of Human Resources

College of Saint Benedict / Saint John’s University